Could it be time for a "Re-vYOU"? Do you struggle with struggles, stress, feeling like you "Sparkle" inside and out?

I can help.

Tell me, do you ever feel...

That these challenging times seem to seep into everything? Whether tired, unhappy, completely stressed, are you stuck?

Do the times have you feeling stressed, overwhelmed and even fearful with the unkown? Or... whether age-related challenges such as menopause - either scenario have you gaining the weight; losing sleep, wishing for hope, missing that sparkle?

Friend: our health AND our life are so intertwined. It's about finding the control where you can. And... I can help you do this. Be it health coaching, life coaching, yoga, stress-management, fitness. I can help you in any and all of these areas...and more.  Why do this alone?

What if: ONE call you could feel that hope; be in more control of what you want to do and how you feel; gain time, energy, happiness - or lose what needs to go; weight or otherwise. To know where to focus your attention properly and optimally on *you* - to achieve the feeling and results you want?

$57 could change it all!  Click the button below and let's get started. Once you've done your RevYOU you'll know exactly what to do next.

Best part? No pressure. Let's talk. You decide if you want more. I'm jus here to help you in whatever way works for YOU.

The Reason(s) I became a Health, Life Coach, Speaker and Yogi.

Because I know how important it is for myself to FEEL confident, happy, sexy - during both good times and bad - and therefore how many other women feel. Plus, I spoke to too many women who "thought" they wanted to, for example "lose weight"...but their "WHY" ended up being oh-so-more than that. 

Hello! I'm Coach Carolyn.  I *empower* women 40+ to prioritize themselves (guilt-free my friend!) and find out what necessary (yet simple) changes they need so they go from where they are to where they want to be - and ultimately live the life they crave.

And toss in these last couple of years and the stress they have brought with them body,  mind, and soul.....this is where I am meant to be - for you.

As a 40+ woman I've had my struggles in life and learnt from them in every way; from weight-loss to confidence; health struggles to anxiety (yup!) and knowing how to love everything about me. And....friends, *health* and *life* are interconnected - which is why I come to you with both "Coaching" certifications (and more...check out my "about" tab to see) amongst other Specializations.

(Having "been there, done that" when it comes to struggle, (health or life) success and body love, I am here to share my inspiration and wisdom with you).

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    A Fresh, Fun Approach To Health & Life

    You’re ready to explore a life that loves you as much as you love it through (your choice of) weekly or bi-weekly one-on-one coaching sessions.

    30 Day Challenge

    Perfect for you if..

    Whether you are looking to curb your cravings, learn simple tools and discover a healthier, happier lifestyle, or how-to’s for fitness, mental happiness and mindfulness; my fun and simple 30 day online challenges are worth the try; a great way to begin on the road to new, happy, healthy, habits.

    Group Coaching

    This is for *you* if....

    Sometimes it is most helpful – when you aren’t going it alone. Joining my Community of women who truly sparkle inside and out; all wanting the same thing; to be healthy, happy and whole. Okay – that’s three 🙂

    Not sure about Programs? Start here:

    Sparkle Session (Focus On You Consult)
    • Have a conversation at the very least to talk about where you are, where  you want to be. Your why.

      We talk *just* about YOU.  This is "your" time; you get to not only take time for *you* and focus on *your* needs - you get to ask me questions. The questions that matter! This isn't selfish - this is important! It's you find your shine.  I will also ask you questions - and together we determine where you are; where you are perhaps "stuck" or you can pick my brain galore about your needs.

    • Sparkle you say? Want more than one phone call?.

      Wanting to prioritize yourself? I congratulate you my Friend!  My 12-week Program is designed *just* for you!  Three ways we focus; three "pillars" - focussing on mind body and soul. It's all about Self-Care, Self-Love and Self-Improvement - however that looks for you. Keeping in mind *your* foci and Program will be different from your best friend's - since you are both coming from different places and with different end-goals.  This Program shows you how to create the behaviours (it's not as hard as you think! It's about keeping things *simple!) you need to love all that you are! And important point to note: my step-by-step tactics are simple, doable and achievable.

    • Yogahhh.

      Such an incredible way to connect body and mind. Learn what Yoga is about (my friend - NOT just the poses). We will work on your breath. Your mindset. Your "you time". And most importantly we work at YOUR pace.

    • Coming in 2022:

      So much.  Speaking to women on how to deal with stress. Be in control. Navigate these challenging times.  Community: Watch out for my events and group programs which will bring you together with likeminded women. And.... if the times allow; a one-day event JUST for you! Let's sparkle.

    • TogetHER.

    Not Sure Where To Start?

    I offer a 20-minute, virtual "Sparkle Session" where we can talk - and see if I'm what you are looking for.  And best part? It’s 100% FREE! Fill out the form below and let's see how we can work together to have you achieve all you wish.  And get this: I am so NOT techy... the button to the right doesn't work lol.  Scroll to the form..

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