Find it. Flaunt it. Let It Shine!


It doesn’t change overnight, but it starts to change overnight. 

What’s your “it”?

I work primarily with and coach women 40 and over who want to get that sparkle back but don’t quite know where to begin. Who don’t ask the world to like them; they are being their best self with no apology. We find out what it is you would like to achieve, and work through my “Live. Sweat. Sparkle” process to get you the results you want.

 I will guide you to find the WHY that drives you to finally make the changes that will result in REAL strategies for your LIFE and HEALTH – changes you’ve been looking for.  I help create new behaviours and a mindset that will STICK.  You will be empowered to do what comes naturally and these changes become so engraved in your life that it becomes your new default.

I’ve been in the field of health, wellness and empowering women for 30+ years now. I’m passionate about what I do because I struggled with health, body image, confidence, self-worth, stress and fear. I know where you are coming from and I can help you with compassion, support and cheerleading from the sidelines. 

The women I work with feel strong, empowered, healthy and full of appreciation for their bodies and minds. They stop comparing and show up in this world with their head held high. 

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They understand the importance of looking after them – no guilt allowed. They see the wisdom and need in taking care of themselves since with age can come challenges but they’re ready to take them head on with all the right tools in their toolbox. 

My clients are badasses of 40+ who want to regain their sparkle and show who they are to the world. Learning the tools to lead healthy, happy, calm, focussed lives – and in turn nourishing their souls, strengthening their body and creating a strong mental health system.  

From coaching to workshops; masterclasses to groups, I will get you feeling happy, confident, strong and capable.  Period.


Buyer beware: Side affects may include some or all of the following:



Find it.

Let’s find what inspires you. Drives you. Makes you laugh. Let’s dream big dreams for you and dig deep. This is all about you. We can put things off until tomorrow, next week, next month, next……. But truly setting intentions; speaking your wishes aloud and getting the support is crucial to your journey.

Let it Shine!

I am known for being a woman who inspires others.  If there is one word used regularly when I am with someone, it’s INSPIRE. But it’s more than that. Let my inspiration inspire you to love you!

Flaunt it.

Let’s show the world who you are. The REAL you. The you that’s been hiding or hibernating.  Through my process of discovery we will take your sparkle from being on dimmer switch to dazzling! 



At the end of the day it’s about empowerment. This  comes from within. I can’t “give” it to you; you dig deep and find it there (I promise!).  From confidence to competence; the “I can do it” feeling within. With new plans, habits,

behaviours the empowerment will flow!

Infused Hope. Inspired Confidence.

Carolyn never ceases to amaze me. She is probably the most genuine person
I have ever met. She is honest and humble and giving and on top of all of
that she has a sense of humour. Her energy is infectious and she is
someone you just want to be around. I am honoured to know her on a
professional level as well as a personal level.

Carolyn wants nothing more than to raise people up and we need more of that in our world.

you Carolyn! C. Campbell

Financial Advisor, London


Fitness Guru, London