Educate.          Inspire.          Motivate.        Empower.

Perfect is for straight lines and edges. I’m as curved as my heart. (J. Iron Wood)

With 30+ years in the health and wellness industry starting as an Instructor, leading to Personal Trainer; wishing for more “scope of practice” to allow me to help create even more change with my Clients which led to taking my Health Coach Certification (and then my Life Coach Certification, since I had found my purpose: helping others shine through life; mind-body; healthy body and healthy mind..

Helping people LOVE who they are; every single, itty, bitty inch of themselves. Helping them understand the power they have inside; the worth that they are and the voice that they have.

HOW can I help? In many ways: From Health-focussed Coaching, to Life-focussed and then a very particular Body-Love-focussed Program, I cover it all.  They often intertwine, so it was important to me to be able to help with these aspects of today’s living.

Health:   Everyone can LOVE their body and themselves. A person can feel STRONG, CONFIDENT, WORTHY as positive “symptoms” of working out and eating well (and we aren’t talking “diet” here my friends. No way! Let’s eat to fuel our body, mind and soul; and ENJOY every day).

If YOU are looking for the tools to create a healthy, happy lifestyle that’ll have you feeling strong, confident, happy, healthy and loving all your body can do; you’ll want to join my GLIMMER Program below.

Lifestyle: Honestly; I think life and health go hand in hand but I recognize some people have the health and wellness down to a fine art yet perhaps struggle with some or all of the following: pressure, stress, guilt, feeling a failure (helloooo imposter syndrome…), and creating that lifestyle that (a) isn’t a struggle to keep up with and (b) encompasses every facet of your life: not so much life “balance” but more of your “circle” of life.

If you are looking for the tools to create a lifestyle that helps you deal with stresses of today; creating plans for a happy, fulfilled life, setting boundaries and offering activities that help you reflect on what is needed and important to YOU then the SPARKLE Program below is designed EXACTLY for you… **NB: keep in mind we will talk initially and you can tell ME what you want to focus on.

Body Love/ Self Acceptance:  SO much of the time our shape, size, self-deprecation and more come up. A lot of Body Love and Self Acceptance come from “doing”, “creating” and following through with healthy habits, behaviours and focussed lifestyle plans.  However I also get there are some people (of all ages) who would like to focus JUST on these in a Program. Which is why I’ve been offering them. So…for you my dear: the SHINE Program is what you’re looking for.

Let’s focus on all your strengths; what your body allows you to do and the positive in your life and ABOUT you! How cool would it be for this next year to finally be THE year you stopped berating yourself; putting yourself down and looking in the mirror and seeing the negatives (if this is you?). Join me….. click the link below.

I’m not here to sell you on expensive, gimmicky diets and how-to’s that’ll only take your hard earned dollars but not change a thing.  I do this because I see way too much struggle in the world and I have many offerings that can begin the process to overcoming them. And they don’t have to be tough; step-by-step with someone supporting you – is a great place to start.


Join me. Let’s do this. Create healthy, positive, empowering habits and behaviours UNDERneath that will lead you to the results you so want. And another thing? I’m here to help you SHINE.

Healthy Living: Happy You Program

Are you tired of hearing the same messages surrounding nutrition, activity and health in general? Are you ready to free yourself from the struggle internally with weight, health, or body body image?  Let’s have a conversation and begin.

Lifestyle Program

Life can be full, busy and sometimes feel like we are running on empty. From lack of sleep, to stress; finding the balance in life and allowing you to embrace who you are can be a challenge. Or perhaps you suffer from “imposter syndrome”, not quite embracing all you have to offer the world. If finding a productive daily plan is challenging you, or you are all to everyone, but saying no to “you” by default, click this pink box and let’s begin!

Body Love, Self Acceptance

This 8-week online program delves into how we see ourselves, view ourselves and speak about ourselves. With today’s pressures that bombard us with every blink it’s no wonder we can feel less than others.  This program helps you create control in your life and so much more. Join me – let me help YOU find your SHINE.

Hey! I'm Carolyn...

I literally woke up one morning thinking not only did I feel GREAT, but I wish I could help others feel exactly the same. It’s an innate need in me to not only be the best version of myself but to help you truly shine too.

Often, we know what to do but the only person we have to convince is our self.  I know because I’ve “been there”. I’ve lived my challenges, won the day and all I want to do is help people do the same. From body love, to health and wellness, strong minds; strong bodies; creating a happier, more balanced life full of love for themselves, time for their families, and the knowledge that all the power they need is within. So join me!

So. What's this about?


8 weeks of online support with access to me via email, instagram and more – as much as you need at that.


Weekly emails to your inbox full of worksheets, plans, links to articles and videos that will help you with your journey. I’m consistently told by women I meet how I inspire them…and I’d love to help you too!


Let me help you see ALL you are and have to offer this world.


Empowerment comes from within. I can’t “give” it to you; you dig deep and find it there (I promise!).  From confidence to competence; the “I can do it” feeling within. With new plans, habits, behaviours the empowerment will flow!

Infused Hope. Inspired Confidence.

Sometimes we know what to do, but we need that extra little nudge to implement.   Let me be your nudge.

1:1.   Group Programs.   Online.   Face-to-Face.   Events.   Workshops.  Motivational Speaking.

For Life. Work. YOU. Balance.

I’ve overcome many serious health challenges.  These challenges became my lessons and along with my vast experience and ongoing education, as a result I’ve become a business woman who understands what it takes to succeed – in the real, human way.  Our mind is connected to the wellness of our body – and vice versa. When we feed both well, we succeed.

Let’s find your inner shine.

  Contact me HERE today to let me know how I can help you.

Carolyn never ceases to amaze me. She is probably the most genuine person
I have ever met. She is honest and humble and giving and on top of all of
that she has a sense of humour. Her energy is infectious and she is
someone you just want to be around. I am honoured to know her on a
professional level as well as a personal level.

Carolyn wants nothing more than to raise people up and we need more of that in our world.

you Carolyn! C. Campbell

Financial Advisor, London

If you have met Carolyn you will know what a wonderful woman she is.

I find her the most caring, giving, positive, happy and unjudgemental person. Everyone who has met Carolyn wants a piece of her. She is my guardian angel 😇


Fitness Guru, London