Do you ever feel...

you don't know where to start? what to start? or why it is even important (ooooh so important to know or find out!)

You see, it is so crucial to know where and why to begin - in order to know where you are going.  This will motivate you to create *real*  and more importantly *lasting* change - giving you hope it can be done. 

What if in ONE call you could feel that hope; be in more control of what you want to do and how you feel;; gain time, energy, or whatever you are looking for and focus your attention properly and optimally on *you* - to achieve the feeling and results you want?

$97 could change it all!  Click the button above and let's get started on you Igniting that Flame inside; feeling strong, happy and fulla badassery!

The Reason(s) I became a Health and Life Coach

I am Passionate about helping women 40+ feel so good about themselves from the inside out; that they stand in their power.

Hello! I'm Coach Carolyn.  I *empower* women 40+ to prioritize themselves (guilt-free my friend!) and find out what necessary (yet simple) changes they need so they go from where they are to where they want to be - and ultimately live the life they crave.

(Having "been there, done that" when it comes to struggle, (health or life) success and body love, I am here to share my inspiration and wisdom with you).

A Fresh, Fun Approach To Health & Life

You’re ready to explore a life that loves you as much as you love it through (your choice of) weekly or bi-weekly one-on-one coaching sessions.

30 Day Challenge

Perfect for you if..

Whether you are looking to curb your cravings, learn simple tools and discover a healthier, happier lifestyle, or how-to’s for fitness, mental happiness and mindfulness; my fun and simple 30 day online challenges are worth the try; a great way to begin on the road to new, happy, healthy, habits.

Group Coaching

This is for *you* if....

Sometimes it is most helpful – when you aren’t going it alone. Joining my Community of women who truly sparkle inside and out; all wanting the same thing; to be healthy, happy and whole. Okay – that’s three 🙂

Not sure about Programs? Start here:

Sparkle Session (Fresh Start Consult)
  • Have a conversation at the very least to talk about creating the life you crave.

    We talk *just* about YOU!  This is "your" time; you get to ask me questions. I do the same and together we determine where you are; where you are perhaps "stuck" or you can pick my brain galore about your needs.

  • Sparkle you say? Want more than one phone call?.

    Wanting to prioritize yourself? I congratulate you my Friend!  My 8 week "LIVE. SWEAT. SPARKLE!" Program is just for you!  Each word in the name is a "pillar" - focussing on mind body and soul. It's all about Self-Care, Self-Love and Self-Improvement  This Program shows you how to create the behaviours (it's not as hard as you think! It's about keeping things *simple!) you need to love all that you are! And important point to note: my step-by-step tactics are simple, doable and achievable.

  • Explosive Workouts for great results.

    Want to workout?  This is ALWAYS an option in your program with me.  After all - 30+ years of doing this I LOVE to help women feel strong inside and out.  Want to receive personalized workouts? Or better yet, we can work together virtually so you are strong, sassy and full of self love!

  • And for those who want just that much more support: SHINE *VIP* Program is a great option (hint: best deal!).

    Let's talk. One conversation could change it all. Why not give it a try? I *will* help you, inspire you, cheerlead you, shower you with sparkles and best part? You *will* learn new, helpful, and most importantly *simple* yet effective tactics to put into your life. Whether you want to "feel" better body/mind; to feel great in those clothes or to feel a bit (or much!) sassy or badass, then now is the time - for *you* my friend.

Love yourself Now:

Start with You & click this button below.

Not Sure Where To Start?

 I offer a virtual "Sparkle Session" where we can talk - and see if I'm what you are looking for and you are a fit for my program (If this button is not working please head over to my "contact" page and fill out the form so we can connect!. And best part? It’s 100% FREE!

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