I hear you.

I’ve been you. (maybe not all…but many).

I’m not just anyone trying to help women of all ages feel their best, happiest, healthiest, most confident and stress free (ladies, I tell ya, the list goes on); I’m SOMEone who’s lived and felt much of what others are experiencing.  And as I’m in my “F” years, I feel I have much “wisdom” (can we call it that?) also to the younger woman; where I’ve failed, succeeded, learned…I can pass along in the hopes they will gain the wisdom – sooner.

Along with my 30+ years of experience in the health, wellness and life industry; and along with my education; my experience of talking WITH women about their challenges, needs, and wishes…… I’m literally on a mission to educate, empower, motivate and inspire as many as possible – at every age and every stage.

With the knowledge you can do it all, be it all….without losing:

  • You.
  • Your Health
  • Your Happiness
  • Your Confidence
  • Your Spirit; energy, essence
  • Your Time…….
  • and so much more

In doing so you can GAIN:

  • You.
  • Your Health
  • Your Confidence
  • Your “I’m happy and strong “af” and no one can change that!
  • Your Limitless energy
  • Your Happiness
  • Your Time
  • Your Internal wisdom and inner strength (it’s there, girlfriends!)
  • Your “Who cares what you think of me, I LOVE ME attitude!
  • And so much more…..

I’m proud to be an ACE-certified Health Coach; ACE-certified Weight Management Specialist, CCF-Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner.  With these “hats” on (oh let’s change that to tiaras!) a huge part of what I do is help women understand the importance of their mind, body, health, happiness. If THEY are whole….those around them are impacted in such positive ways also.

Often…women think they are the “only” one struggling.

I’m in the lovely position of talking to hundreds if not thousands of women annually on just this topic and more. And in my years of doing so, have learnt one BIG thing (if this is you):

You are SO not alone, darling!

I am super passionate about chocolate covered almonds (have no idea how that got in there!) body positivity and self love.  Oh my! So many are not in love with our bodies which allow us to do so much!  We pick out the negatives instead of focusing on the positive.

WHAT am I here to do? The list is so long; but be it mental or physical, I’m here to help women be happier, healthier, more confident and connected; to themselves and each other.

I’ve new programs coming very soon, so please check back.  If you are looking for Coaching (online or inperson), online courses and webinars….speaking engagements and even a few select spots for Personal Training (with pep of course!), I’m here.  For more details check out my website or contact me at womenwhobringit@gmail.com. And lastly:

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Wishing you all the best and can’t WAIT to work with you or speak with a group you are part of .  The more women (of every age) I can help sparkle, the happier I am. Spreading the word of self love in so many ways.

I’m here to:

Educate * Empower * Motivate * Inspire.


– Carolyn

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I’m a firm believer that to be truly healthy, you are feeding your soul healthfully (this can still be deee-lish friends), you are moving and working your body in a way which keeps you functional as you age (when was the last time you jumped like a kid?!) and you are helping your mind in every way possible; from knowing how to deal with stress, to feeling like you are walking tall…..and understanding what YOU have to offer this world. There’s much more to it, but in a nutshell, my goal is to help women shine from the inside out. Literally.

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Join me on my quest to help women SHINE!

Having worked and spoken with so many; I understand we feel isolated sometimes in our minds; thinking we are alone in our feelings – be them regarding stress, confidence, how successful we feel – and getting a small group together can be life-changing.

Coach Carolyn


Carolyn never ceases to amaze me. She is probably the most genuine person
I have ever met. She is honest and humble and giving and on top of all of
that she has a sense of humour. Her energy is infectious and she is
someone you just want to be around. I am honoured to know her on a
professional level as well as a personal level.

Carolyn wants nothing more than to raise people up and we need more of that in our world.

you Carolyn!

C. Campbell

Financial Advisor, London

If you have met Carolyn you will know what a wonderful woman she is.

I find her the most caring, giving, positive, happy and unjudgemental person. Everyone who has met Carolyn wants a piece of her. She is my guardian angel 😇



Fitness Guru, London

“Life is truly what you make it. And what you make it is up to you.” 

Feeling confident comes with feeling capable – in whatever element that takes; so let me help you rock – or should I say SHINE from within!

I’ve overcome many serious health challenges and had my share of anxiety, confidence concerns and body image negativity. These challenges became my lessons and as a result I’ve become a business woman who understands what it takes to succeed – in the real, human way.  Our mind is connected to the wellness of our body – and vice versa. When we feed both well, we succeed.

Let’s find your inner sparkle.

  Time for you to Shine, Girlfriend…


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“For me…it’s all about helping others overcome challenges, fight fears, understand the importance of a healthy body and mind and creating change where I can.”.

Coach Carolyn:  Helping women and youth find their BOLD.