Educate.          Inspire.          Motivate.        Empower.

So… what can I help you with?

Healthy Living: Happy You Program

Are you tired of hearing the same messages surrounding nutrition, activity and health in general? Are you ready to free yourself from the struggle internally with weight, health, or body body image? With a plan in place, life really can be easier, healthier, happier. Not by being complicated, but by working with what you have, how you live, and what you enjoy.  Let’s have a conversation about how you can live a healthy lifestyle – your way.

Lifestyle Program

Life can be full, busy and sometimes feel like we are running on empty. From lack of sleep, to stress; finding the balance in life and allowing you to embrace who you are can be a challenge. Or perhaps you suffer from “imposter syndrome”, not quite embracing all you have to offer the world. If finding a productive daily plan is challenging you, or you are all to everyone, but saying no to “you” by default, this 8-week Program is for you. Helping you find that well-rounded life where you can live, breathe, work, love and be…..your way.  Click for more info.

Body Positivity Program

For all tools to help you love the body you are in. Whether for yourself or to help a young one in your life, this 8-week online program delves into how we see ourselves, view ourselves and speak about ourselves. With today’s pressures that bombard us with every blink it’s no wonder we can feel less than others.  This program helps you create control in your life – with social media, self care and self worth. Learning to listen to your inner dialogue and the “language of love” (body love that is) you use…this will allow you to take control of who you are and unapologetically love the whole you!

Hey! I'm Carolyn...

I literally woke up one morning thinking not only did I feel GREAT, but I wish I could help other women feel exactly the same. It’s an innate need in me to not only be the best version of myself but to help you truly shine too.

Often, we know what to do but the only person we have to convince is our self.  I know because I’ve “been there”. I’ve lived my challenges, won the day and all I want to do is help women do the same. From body love, to health and wellness, creating a happier, more balanced life full of love for themselves, time for their families, and the knowledge that all the power they need is within. So join me!

So. What's this about?


8 weeks of online support with access to me via email, instagram and more – as much as you need at that.


Weekly emails to your inbox full of worksheets, plans, links to articles and videos that will help you with your journey. I’m consistently told by women I meet how I inspire them…and I’d love to help you too!


2 Coaching calls; one at the start, one at the end. Let’s see where you ARE. Let’s take you where you want to BE.


Empowerment comes from confidence, from competence; the “I can do it” feeling within. With new plans, habits, behaviours the empowerment will flow!  I love nothing more than to see fellow women who are empowered and to help them get there!

Infused Hope. Inspired Confidence.

Sometimes we know what to do, but we need that extra little nudge to implement.   Let me be your nudge.

1:1.   Group Programs.   Online.   Face-to-Face.   Events.   Workshops.  Motivational Speaking.

For Life. Work. YOU. Balance.

I’ve overcome many serious health challenges.  These challenges became my lessons and along with my vast experience and ongoing education, as a result I’ve become a business woman who understands what it takes to succeed – in the real, human way.  Our mind is connected to the wellness of our body – and vice versa. When we feed both well, we succeed.

Let’s find your inner sparkle.

  Contact me HERE today to let me know how I can help you.

Carolyn never ceases to amaze me. She is probably the most genuine person
I have ever met. She is honest and humble and giving and on top of all of
that she has a sense of humour. Her energy is infectious and she is
someone you just want to be around. I am honoured to know her on a
professional level as well as a personal level.

Carolyn wants nothing more than to raise people up and we need more of that in our world.

you Carolyn!

C. Campbell

Financial Advisor, London

If you have met Carolyn you will know what a wonderful woman she is.

I find her the most caring, giving, positive, happy and unjudgemental person. Everyone who has met Carolyn wants a piece of her. She is my guardian angel 😇



Fitness Guru, London