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...in ONE call you could feel that hope; be in more control of what you want to do and how you feel; gain time, energy, happiness - or lose what needs to go; weight or otherwise. To know where to focus your attention properly and optimally on *you* - to achieve the feeling and results you want?  And just have the beginnings of a damn game-plan to send you on your way. I mean information, hope and connection can go far for inspiring change within!

What if $47 could be the start of the rest of your life; offering you a 30 minute call that could start your game plan and YOU choose whether you wish to go further with this or not. No pressure from me.

I want to work with women who put themselves at the top of their list of importance and just know they want the support - so I'm all yours if this is you. But you won't know if we are a fit for each other unless we talk, right?!

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Best part? No pressure. Let's talk. You decide if you want more. I'm just here to help you in whatever way works for YOU.

If you are feeling out of control, wishing for hope and CHANGE and just missing that sparkle of yours, well:

I'm so glad you're here.

Health and life are so intertwined.  And then toss in a tablespoon or more of menopause or the years leading up to it and BAM - it's a major soup, right? Or past it and some things such as balance, joints.....weight ..... can still be haunting you.

Let's start again with the woman you are. TODAY.

Not a few years ago; not before kids if you had them, not even last month.  Let's focus on the woman you are today. Your needs, today.  And your game plan TODAY.  For the body, mind and needs you have currently.  So you can thrive and feel amazing in the skin you have - currently!

It's about finding the control where you can., regardless of which stage you are in.   And... I can help you do this.  However you want to work with me, you'll feel supported, receive accountability that you want and feel heard.   

Wouldn't it be great to stop wasting time and energy and just KNOW  'where'  to put your focus to feel good again? Reach out to me. Why do this alone?

You deserve to thrive. Feel sexy, confident, happy and to my all means GIVE yourself GRACE as you move through this Journey.

So.   Just call me Grace 🙂

(did I tell you? We'll have fun along the way too....)

The Reason(s) I became a Health, Life Coach, Speaker and Yogi - and do what I do.

Because I know how important it is for women to FEEL confident, happy, sexy - during both good times and bad - and especially heading into or through, and *beyond* the menopausal years.

And because I want to help women find JOY again.  Joy in life. Joy with their body and how it looks, feels to them. Joy with moving, sleepy joy...and joy where it is needed essentially.

Because through my many years of coaching, discussions with clients, women in the community and feedback from my local tv show for women 40+ I KNOW a lot of women are struggling and yet......they all want answers, they want to learn. more, do more, BE more and......it's time to change the conversations (or lack thereof over the years) about menopause.

Hello! I'm Coach Carolyn.  I *empower* women 40+ to prioritize themselves and find out what necessary (yet simple) changes they can add to their everyday in order to not only FEEL like they have control over their body, health and wellness as they manouver towards, through, past menopause but to also "feel" they look great from the inside out. To know WHAT to do without wasting time, money or resources to focus on what is crucially important for themselves at this time of life.  And as far as our health is concerned - doing things to look after it (and let's face it, FEEL great out there)...... we now need to do things that are non-negotiable. 

As a 40+ woman I've had my struggles in life and learnt from them in every way; from almost dying, to a serious spinal condition, epilepsy and weight-loss.  From confidence to anxiety (yup!) and knowing how to love everything about me.  

Having "been there, done that" when it comes to struggle, (health or life) success and body love, I am here to share my inspiration and wisdom with you and offer you the thought that you can "give yourself grace" as you transition into and through menopause.

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