Feel in control again; smash those goals, with me.

Be clear, find your why and FEEL fulfilled.

Health and Life Coaching for women 40+

Feeling like now is the time to find out what is possible for you?

I am Coach Carolyn, a professional Health Coach, Life Coach, Wellness Warrior who helps women up-level their lives.


I work with women over 40 who are ready to create time and space in their lives - and gain the feeling of control once more in body and mind.



start the conversation (and conversion!) to thriving today...

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Meet Coach Carolyn

Coach Carolyn is a professional coach; cheerleader of others and lover of lifting others up.  She lives in Ontario  yet loves to travel with her family to places that yield inspiration and joy.


Carolyn's inspiration as a coach is her innate need to help her clients clarify their why and to move forward  understanding the utter importance of investing in them, putting their needs first in order to be the best she can be for herself and others.


To help you reach your goals faster, understanding it isn't tough, merely takes dedication - and ultimately FEEL fulfilled with the process.  Transforming your life from glimmer to SHINE...

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