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To Living, Sweating and Sparkling.

Hello!  I'm coach carolyn and I empower women 40+ to prioritize themselves (*guilt-Free*) so they create the necessary changes and live the life they crave (and deserve!).


Mind. Body. You.

Increase your energy, stand in your power.
For my private health coaching clients, I created a personalized roadmap to health, using a holistic view of my clients’ lives. Along with the diet and food choices, I also consider such factors as exercise, work, relationship, sleep, stress, environment, medical and family history, and lifestyle when coaching someone on how to create their health journey. Change your health in one day!


Why I do what I do and fun facts:

 I personally feel that it's the "behind the scenes" person people connect with; the one they can relate with, be inspired by, aside from the the certifications.  So... some fun facts about me:

My favourite colour is sparkle. Some would say pink - and it took a LOT for me to change my website from pink to greens - but sparkles really is where it's at.


I think I'm part elephant. I have a deep connection with these beautiful beasts. Their sense of family; the strong matriarchs; their unending love and never leaving anyone behind. Maybe a bit of their fear of mice under their feet too lol. If I could have an elephant AND people sanctuary; that's what I'd be doing. Seriously.


And let's get this out of the way: I cry at commercials, hallmark cards, singing the national anthem and parades amongst other things.  That lip starts to quiver and it's game over.....


I've always had epilepsy, which has been a teacher in itself and  almost died at 28 and this oddly showed me what I have; inner strength, character and will.  I overcame and learnt so much about health, life, mindset,  I'd be wrong to not share to benefit others.

Having been in the field of health, wellness and inspiring women of all ages for 30+ years now to find their inner sparkle, I'm passionate (putting it mildly) about this field because I myself have struggled over the decades with not only my health, but body image, confidence, self-worth and more.


My "ideal" audience needs help prioritizing herself - so she can feel empowered through and with any struggle to show her shine so I love to help these women gain the know-how, feel confident, build or increase that inner strength and help them feel so strong and healthy they don't question themselves or compare. To help them if not 'love' their body then love all their body allows them to do, be, achieve. So they can feel an inner calm and content in today's busy,  fast and currently uncertain world; putting their anxieties, worries, etc away so they can shine: body, mind and soul. 

When I speak to groups etc, I teach women to overcome whatever they struggle with so they can truly:

Live. Sweat. Sparkle!


And at the end of the day see they are a badass (love that word ...)  40+ gal who although perhaps she's lost her sparkle, can get it back and show her inner SHINE to the world. 


This resemble you at all? Do you see how we are similar; that I too had my moment in time where I wanted to sparkle more? So shall we talk?  Fill out the form below and let's find out: if you want me on your Team; if we're a fit for each other.....and where you can take this:







    How did you hear about Coach Carolyn?

    ``Officially`` I am *both* a Certified Health & Life Coach, with Specialties in Weight Loss Management, Stress & Resilience, Fitness & Sports Nutrition, Neuro-Linguistics and Behaviour Change.

    I'm so proud to be certified with the following Organizations: