Coach Carolyn's journey...

Has been a life-long one of learning, experiencing and sharing what she's learned.  She is passionate about helping figure out their roadmap by offering the hard lessons she's been pushed through with health - or life.  But this helping others thrive, lights her up; energizes her and gives her the energy to help women dig deep, find their why and determine their journey.


Coach Carolyn grew up in England in a tennis family and until 18 was a competitive tennis player. Pair that with being diagnosed at a young age with epilepsy....being fit, healthy and doing the right things FOR her brain and body were ingrained right from the start.


What she realized as she aged - and as more health challenges where tossed her way (debilitating at that - for instance almost dying at 28), was that each time she "came through" was ALWAYS connected to her health habits and her dedication to putting health first.

Once she understood the importance of this; she had been a mother, a fitness instructor for a couple of decades (for fun) - and the more women in her classes and community who spoke to her made one thing clear: women were seeking "that" feeling of fabulous; be it weight-loss, self-confidence, work-life balance or otherwise...but they didn't know how to achieve this.


She has taken this to heart; she took her next steps to become a personal trainer but came to realise that with every client, every story, every goal of losing those unwanted pounds.....there was ALWAYS a story behind this. So she took this to heart and has spent the next decade or more taking the certifications in Coaching, training, yoga, nlp and more; working with women and sharing - oh so passionately - her message to them:

Make yourself your number one project.  Without your health you are nothing; so prioritize yourself enough that you can thrive (or in Coach Carolyn's world, "sparkle" lol).

Once she neared 40 she began hearing talk about menopause from clients; she always came away shocked that there was so little information and support out there for women once they hit this age and certainly hit menopause.  How out of control they felt in body and sometimes mind.  After experiencing this herself, she decided, like every challenge educate herself, learn and SHARE with her clients, community what they CAN do to take back the control.  And they can.


Her priority as a coach is to help cease the unknown for her clients; to guide them to go deeper in order to move onward; to achieve their wants.  To help you reach your goals faster, with clarity; claiming the need, owning the work involved and ultimately living your goals. To transform your life from dull glimmer to vivid sparkles! 


Coach Carolyn helps her clients achieve their goals by doing the work: keeping them on-track, removing any barriers, offering unending support and guidance,  keeping accountability top-of-mind, and sharing tools that have not only helped her achieve success in health and life - but to help them move forward in future without question. 


Carolyn is your guide, your confidant your cheerleader, your partner who helps you unearth your answers. 


Live my friends. Live in your power toward, through, past menopause;  do what you need to get attract BE what you want and step whole-heartedly into that woman you have always wanted to be; learning that after 40 you can OH SO BE her.