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I want women through my show and offerings to understand although life - and maybe body - has changed; this doesn't have to be a negative.  You don't need to feel out of control... you CAN take back the control with info.....health and wellness tactics (they go a LONG way) and desire to GROW through menopause. It can be done.


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THE WHERE, WHAT AND WHY OF MY desire to help women 40+ be it through programming or my SHOW.

For years "pre" menopause years I had some friends and clients older than me and I would often either see them sweating buckets or hear of the struggles with menopause; the not knowing what to expect, how to get through; who to talk to and "what next?" with it.

Then I entered it and I keep hearing this same discussion. The same struggles and the same not knowing what to do.

It got me thinking: with all the MILLIONS of women who have had menopause, are in it or will be.....

Why the hell are we still here?

So I am one to always try to create change I decided to start with an arm of my business (which has always been geared towards women's health) dedicated to this and heck, a show!  Rogers tv LONDON (all MEN who decided to do this I'll have you know...YAY ROGERS!) came on board and BAM... the show has been born.

There is more to come from facebook groups to events, retreats and programs so stay tuned girlfriend since we're gonna show the world how to DO MENOPAUSE!


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Let me know about episodes you'd like us to cover in the conversations remember this is a time you can feel MAGNIFICENT despite menopause.

Hugs'n'sparkles, friends,


Coach Carolyn xo

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