One-day retreat. dedicated solely to you.

This one is over; email me to find out the next one! 

This day is dedicated to bringing in the JOY whilst covering some topics that always create great conversation.

With facilitated sessions on confidence,  peri-menopause and being a woman BEYOND the menopause years; reconnecting with self; mindmapping, stress-management, sleep and more.

We will begin the day with Yoga (for every level - beginners VERY welcome!).

A delicious,  catered lunch. 

And door prizes from some amazing local businesses.

The joy of togetherness and connection; of laughter and light. The joy of movement and learning; of sharing the highs and the lows.

The joy that comes with the understanding of what we need to do for ourselves as we head over 40 and every decade beyond and...learn what has helped your fellow attendees on their Journey.

The joy of being you. Every damn amazing, fabulous, sparkly bit of you.

Come and laugh, learn, move and be moved! Agenda to follow. 

Please click the link below if you would like to register for this event geared toward connection, creating conversation and community and.... all things YOU.

A true day away - lovely gift included.....let me know if you have questions or wish to be informed of any updates.

Guest Speaker, Nicole Langdon, Worn Edges.

Facilitator, Organizer Carolyn Martyn

Door prizes and your "pink lotus" gift bag.