30 Day Challenge

Challenges can be fun.  And so productive – since often having a full-on 30 days where you dedicate yourself to something without fail; actually helps you create new habits.

  • The upcoming Challenge? The 30-day TOTAL CLEAN BODY and MIND Challenge!
  • 28-days of  Recipes, accountability, pdfs,  videos, prizes, motivation, inspiration and community with our own private “cheerleading’ community group!
  • If you’ve been looking to create healthy habits – which STICK and have tried it all – or a lot – do this since we put in the steps to create the habits that make the change.

At the end of the day….it’s not joining in on the latest fad, trend or thing to do for a bit in order to make visual changes; it’s what is going on underneath. What did you learn? What was created? 


What was actually changed?


It’s the *behaviours* and the *mindset* that needs altering. And it’s not tough; it *is* effort, consistency, desire….but it’s not rocket-science.


This is what I do.


I wish more people knew about me and how I help – since I’m proof myself (did you ever hear the story about my love of chocolate covered almonds???) and have helped so many.


I offer my challenges throughout the year, but why don’t you either email me or contact me by filling out a form on my page – if you are interested about knowing more about my next one. Or…. perhaps there is one in particular you would like to do? I’m aaaaall over that my friend! Whether alone or with a group of galpals these challenges can be so very productive.


And life-changing.


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