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  • One-hour Consult with Coach Carolyn full of inspiration, motivation, information and SPARKLES!
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Be like a LOTUS.  Why?  Because all of us struggle through the “mud” at some point and show the world the face we wish it to see.  How do some grow through this and others….not feel like they wilt?  

No problem, my friend; regardless of which kind of Lotus you are… too can shine through the challenges; sparkle every day.  Half the time it is knowing WHAT to do, HOW to start and WHERE the focus should go.  I can help you with that.

Problem: You’ve felt like this; wanted to change; not known where to begin; wish you felt different: for TOO LONG. 

  • Don’t know where to start?; where to put your focus and/or make changes (or not?)?

Solution: We look at where you would benefit from your focus going; what you can toss aside and what you typically spend time on but not investing in you perhaps – and ultimately changes to put in place.

Problem: Don’t know your “why’s”? Why is it important to make any changes; why would this help you or yours?

Solution: I will delve and ask you questions to find what is important to you (and who); determine your why’s such as:

  • why are you important enough to focus on (since you are!)
  • why are changes important?
  • why are they needed
  • why do you want the help 
  • what would help and what is wasting your time and energy
  • what information out there is complete myth and what is real

And so many more things to learn about. 

I offer tools and assessments (including but not limited to: bubble sheets; balance assessment and anything else you could benefit from in this hour) as well as oodles of sparkles and inspiration in the form of questionnaires, bogs, videos, PDFs, Research and so much more.

Time to simplify….

The Outcome(s)

  • You receive a report of ‘balance’ assessment to see where it would benefit you to boost your energy/ mojo and to more importantly know where you are to know where to go….
  • This will be your first step to understanding your “why” and where change is needed.  
  • This will be your way to *immediately* feel hopeful, motivated, focussed and inspired to begin on your road; your journey to creating lasting change.  Once you understand where to focus and what to toss aside – giving *you* more time in your day and life and helping you increase quality of life along the way….
  • You understand how to feel in control during those challenging times; how to keep the sparkle when the going is good.
Why wait?
If you’ve been wanting to do feel healthier, happier, more in control, be more focussed, less stressed, lose weight – or for ANY other reason to do with life and/or health….now is the time. I can 100% say you’ll leave feeling inspired and with a plan on what to do next….
Can’t wait to hear from you……

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