Time to be Social for our Heart, Mind, Soul, and Health.

It’s currently 2020.


‘That’ 2020.  The Pandemic year. Year of Covid or as the Queen once said about an awful year of hers, the “annus horribilis”. (look it up, it’s a thing….).


And if you are here or remember this year you will recall that we are currently going through a period of social isolation and so much more – as we try to overcome this illness ravaging so many.


It’s been challenging, hard, upsetting, frustrating and so many other negatives – to put it mildly. But…..as a “benefit finder” (where you look for the benefit / lessons in any situation) I’ve also realized and see the positive that is happening – and honestly that I personally think needed to happen in the world. Since there is good that is coming from it.


Getting not-so Social:

I think we were getting a bit out-of-control with the whole social media thing.  Don’t get me wrong – and hear me out here – but I was seeing the damage it was doing and hearing it first-hand. From people comparing themselves constantly; to not feeling enough as a result. From trying to have the perfect body to show the world to people being So. Damn. Cruel. with their comments.  The list is endless of issues with it – but I do agree when used well and to lift you up; it’s a brilliant world.  I know I have so much more reach due to this than I ever would have dreamt of before. There is so much I am able to do for my business with it as a result – and to have international clients is something I cherish and never could have done as easily had I not been on social media.


But we really needed to get our noses out of it. It was starting to control many as opposed to the other way around.  First thing in the morning to last thing at night people were checking their likes; their feeds and more – and so many (from those I work with or speak with) based their VALUE on their social media standing.


But the cool thing is, during covid it’s taken on a slightly different form. And as a result hopefully we will be better for it. From what I hear bullying online has decreased (disclaimer; I have yet to delve into this so feel free to research more…); kids aren’t being so cruel and those who were bullied at school are getting respite from it.


We’ve come to realize that so much more is important. The in-person connections (which I’ll get to) are valued so much more now. again. yay! And phones around the world are being put down as we get out and do so many other things for our health and happiness.  Our mental health can only benefit from this.


And yet…..whereas it was become a bit much, we also realised how grateful we are for social media and tech – since it is doing what it was meant to do; it is now connecting us!

Getting Social:

It’s made us get creative in “how” we connect with each other during this challenging time.  We realized we actually do benefit from it – yet was shown us the way to use it that helps us.  


From allowing people to offer videos on all kinds of platforms.


Helping those alone stay connected through videos, streaming, group chats etc.


My galpals and I began with weekly FaceTime chats that were lovely (we do the in-person now – but of course 6 feet away!) – but we were able to do a “virtual hug” and giggle away!


And it’s really brought to the fore-front how important connecting – the in-person kind – is to our soul. Our spirit. Our mindset. Our happiness.  Conversations are being had around tables again. Games are being played. In-the-eye discussions, not a phone in sight (unless you are using your phone for it lol).


When we connect we lift each other up.  We get to vent if needed; we share; we help; we laugh. We aren’t checking our “likes” or how we look right now from a certain light.  We aren’t trying to see if what we are doing matches what she or he is. 


I personally believe it’s put social media in perspective. Like many things during this pandemic it’s made us realize what is – and what isn’t important. What (and who) is worth focussing on – and not. From clothes (don’t get me wrong, I still wear them) and realizing we probably have more than we need (or is that just me?) to wearing make-up; having our hair perfect. All these things are definitely more in line now.



We’ve come back to appreciating each other again and whether using technology such as FaceTime or whether sitting in front of each other – we’ve realized connecting ‘in person’, in ‘real’ time…..


is what matters.


Be well friends,

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