My Clients are at the heart of everything I offer; hear some examples of what they say.....

I knew it was time. It was well *past* time., but I am an accomplished procrastinator.  In a chance meeting at a networking event, I was fortunate enough to meet a *kind* and *inspiring* woman with a magnetic personality.  More than anything, she made me laugh and I knew that working out with her would actually be FUN.

Carolyn genuinely cares about her Clients and her passion for empowering women to live life to the fullest, makes that last set of push-ups worthwhile.  I highly recommend her as a Trainer (as well as a Coach and Speaker) for anyone looking to get back into shape/ create a healthy lifestyle - and have a GREAT time while doing it!

J.L., Wealth Management, Ontario


Carolyn makes the experience of getting into a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE fun and easy to do. Workouts are easy (on the brain) yet great on the body!  She can be really effective with say just handweights and a ball! I've lost inches and pounds and feel great! Back into size 10 and throwing away the size 14!!  

You will *love* Carolyn - even if she is making you do push-ups!

Deb. C., Collingwood, Ontario


Very confident in her experience and knowledge.

J.C., London Ontario Business Owner


Her Poundfit virtual classes are a new concept of exercise; I had put on weight around the middle due to age; menopause and hypothyroid. Have always been active and exercised. Lately cycling; body balance and walking.  Since doing the pound class once a week I have already noticed the difference.

I have a flatter stomach. More defined waist.  Arms showing more definition. I feel energized and have lost weight!.  I am SO pleased.  Her enthusiasm is catching -a rare quality but great to have. Very human
Love her classes!  

Rachel L., Sussex England


I just wanted to say a huge thank you and to let you know how grateful I am to have found you online.  I was starting to feel down/ in a rut and I feel like your Pound classes and working with you, give me PURPOSE (yes, I also listen to your Instagram Videos!) and give me something to really look forward to. I always feel GREAT after your classes and our Coaching Sessions.  You are so inspiring and your positivity is so uplifting.  Thanks for all you do!"

K. Butcher., Ontario

I completed her 28-day Total Mind-Body Clean Challenge.  This was awesome and hard. I was not able to do all of them by the end there but I did pick up some good habits which was key!  I struggle with carbs but now I am being more conscious about the carbs I eat and when.
I have dropped in all my measurements except for my abs.  But hormones are playing up so I am bloated and going to re measure after! 
I stopped tracking a while ago as it frustrated me when I could do it and made me upset but I kept the goals on a sticky not at work for motivation and reminders.
Thanks again for putting this on!

Candy L., Ontario Canada


Carolyn is absolutely amazing and supportive! Her workshops are phenomenal and her one on one coaching is extremely helpful! Carolyn has innovative ideas and genuinely cares about others

Sarah. S., London, Ontario

Carolyn's passion for aiding women as they make the journey to self-love is unparalleled! She uses her own experiences, training and intuition to take groups from 0 to 60 mph in less than 120 minutes. Definitely recommend one of her sessions (especially Body Love) or working with her as a Coach!

Jill. E., London, Ontario

The most striking aspect of Carolyn's Pound classes and virtual coaching is Carolyn’s enthusiasm. The time flies by as she makes everything such fun.  Her explanation of choreography in classes is excellent and easy to follow and the class is geared to all levels and ages.  Having been an instructor myself for over 40 years I applaud the ease and simplicity of her descriptions and the fun she adds to the classes.  You rock Carolyn!
Lorna R., Ontario, Canada 
Having only recently joined her classes it took me no time at all to love them. The instruction is easily understood (less easy to put into practice lol 😉) but I have no doubt that I will get better at it.  Carolyn's enthusiasm is catching and the time just flies by and I feel so much better and energized after each class. Love, love, love it!!!!
Sandra S., Ontario Canada

Carolyn is a ray of sunshine in a sometimes pretty dreary world. I've know her for many years and can tell you that the positive vibes she puts off are all her!  We need more women like her, working to lift up other women and to show us how to just love ourselves.   Sign on for rainbows and good feels!!!

Shannon.W., London, Ontario

Hi Carolyn- Just reaching out to say thank you so much for all that you do.  I just love all you inspiring notes, wisdom and laughs that you post....You probably help so many people every day and.   I'll do my best to join one of your sessions some time as well - Again - I love all of the vulnerability that you share and then the inspiration to lead yourself and others through our mutual challenges - not just in this time but in life in general - Please keep in touch  xo

Jo J., London