Why you want me on your ``Team``

Support, Cheerleading, Accountability and a few Sparkles for added fun.
Why? There are so many reasons, my friend:

Because I'm just like you (maybe I'm a bit more into sparkles and elephants but I'll bet we have some other similarities);

Because I have my challenges, worries, imperfections and concerns too.

Because I've struggled with both health seriously and body image; confidence; being assertive. I'm not saying you've had these same concerns - but I know you've had some concerns; struggles; wishes; hopes...and we can relate to each other.

Because I'm real: what you see is Absolutely what you get. I believe in true authenticity so you get this in droves from me.

Because I'm inspiring and positive.  I'm not running around happy all the time. I too have my ups and downs, but through my experiences, education and work experience know the tools to use to get me back on track. I offer these to my Clients and as a result I'm known as someone who inspires and evokes positivity.  I'm not going to tell you it'll be alright all the time; but we *will* show you how to see benefits.

And I'll hold you accountable. You aren't paying your hard-earned money to have someone agree with everything you say and let you be after the sessions. I'm your friend, supporter, cheerleader - yet.....I will ensure you get bang for your buck and hold you accountability to the promises you offer to yourself - to get that transformation you are striving for. 

We are a *team*; it's all about teamwork.

Working with me; it's not me "telling" you the what and how to do.  We are a team hell-bent on getting you to where you want to be. It's me helping evoke from and within you the answers; the questions; the knowledge (that *is* there) and the way you want to get to where you are going.  I have the questions....that allow you to ask yourself even more. To reflect. Enquire of you...to learn and grow.

I think we make a pretty cool team already, don't you think?

Women unhappy with their body: 91%
Percentage our sleep affects our health and happiness: 100%
Does Eating Strategy affect our Health & Happiness? 100%
Will your activity level aid health'n' happiness? 100%
Effort you will get from me ALL the time: 100%


    How did you hear about Coach Carolyn?

    Testimonials for Coach Carolyn

    I knew it was time. It was well *past* time., but I am an accomplished procrastinator.  In a chance meeting at a networking event, I was fortunate enough to meet a *kind* and *inspiring* woman with a magnetic personality.  More than anything, she made me laugh and I knew that working out with her would actually be FUN.

    Carolyn genuinely cares about her Clients and her passion for empowering women to live life to the fullest, makes that last set of push-ups worthwhile.  I highly recommend her as a Trainer (as well as a Coach and Speaker) for anyone looking to get back into shape/ create a healthy lifestyle – and have a GREAT time while doing it!

    J.L., Wealth Management, Ontario



    Jill E, London Ontario

    Carolyn’s passion for aiding women as they make the journey to self-love is unparalleled! She uses her own experiences, training and intuition to take Clients from 0 to 60 mph in less than 60.  Definitely recommend one of her body confidence/ self-love sessions or working with her as your Coach!

    Sara S., London, Ontario

    I work Internationally with her and I’ve been doing pound classes with Carolyn since the COVID lock down regularly and not missed one session.  Coach Carolyn is amazing. She oozes with energy and enthusiasm .  You can’t help it but feel it, since it’s contagious.  I absolutely love it and love Coach Carolyn.

    Thank you so much Carolyn. You rock!  Keep going girl. You really sparkle!!!

    T. Shum, UK