Let's do this together

Many - in fact a HUGE number don't look for help and support during this time and believe there is nothing that can be done - and yet I am a huge believer in SOMEthing can always be done.  

I mean, you are worth the effort, right? 

The beauty of these one-on-one programs; or ANY of my one-on-one over 40 programs in general....is that  when working 1:1 with my YOU get to decide where you want the focus to be.

  • struggling with symptoms? sleep an issue?
  • stress of ANY kind (good or bad) getting out of control?
  • weight gaining and feeling bloated? Want to know how and WHAT to workout?
  • sex on the fritz?
  • feeing alone in general/ don't know how to communicate what you need?....or ANYthing else?

2 Easy steps

Decide you are worth the investment in you.

Click the button below so I can find out how you would like this program - curated JUST FOR YOU.








  • 12, 1-on-1 Sessions with Coach C
  • 3-Pillars (Reflect, Review, Renew)  curated to specifically meet YOUR needs, dreams, wishes, goals.
  • Email Access  














  • Follow-up PDF of session/ Workbook with activities
  • 1 month access to Coach Carolyn Wellness "NEW" Monthly Circles to build confidence, boldness and being you into every facet of your life!












  • FREE access for 3 months to Monthly Circles  (zoom)
  • 15% the ONLine Program "Magnificence through Menopause (and beyond...)....
  • or:
  • 15% OFF upcoming Courses dedicated to health ON Line. 



Why Choose Coach Carolyn

It's so much more than my 30+ years in the health and wellness industry

Even more than my varied Certifications, Specializations and Scope of Practice;


It's so much because of where I've been; what I've experienced and learned along my journey that I can share and educate with.   

My work:

Through my work, tv show, connection, networking and everyday talking with women - I HEAR what you say. first-hand.  I hear what the struggles are first-hand and I have so much in my sparkly tool-box I can help you with!

Support, authenticity, clarity and connection:

For your sessions I'm all in for you. I will and do go over and above to ensure my Clients receive the support, help and drive/ motivation to succeed.

I put things in simple terms to take the overwhelm out of the journey.

I am here to support YOU in creating what it is YOU need to feel better, happier...to feel confident. bold. YOU!

Let's get started!

(and ditch the stress, out of control feeling, uncertainty and sleeplessness!).

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