So many feel alone, as if their body is completely out of control

Whether 'general' lie or menopause many - in fact a HUGE number - don't look for help and support during.  (Program details and options below.)

I think the time has come where people are learning the importance of focussing on them; their general health, sleep, how they react to themselves 'time outs' and not feeling guilty for it!

I also believe with regard to menopause - if this is where you are - that after years of it being a time when eyes rolled and aging women were not taken seriously, the impact over the years was one of "this must be it",  leaving many feeling invisible, less than, suffering.

It doesn't have to be this way friend; join the 8 week program and find out how you can feel your best at any and every age and what you can do to feel confident, bold and let the amazing YOU shine again!


2 Easy steps

Tell me about yourself; wishes, dreams and current challenges

Put the dates in your planner!

Basic Package


______________________________ Includes:

  • From Sleepless to STRONG! workbook
  • 8 weeks of interactive Coaching 
  • Methods to help you be consistent & gain that control back.
  • Being in the company of others with similar goals; hearing, learning and sharing.


Full Package


______________________________BASIC PLUS:

  • 2, 55-minute 1:1 Sessions on any topic of your choice.
  • Weekly Accountability via text to keep you on track.
  • Get the benefit of learning with and from other women as well as the 1:1 


Premium Pckg


______________________________FULL PLUS:

  • Access to Coach Carolyn's Platform for all women 40+
    • All things women's health and wellness 40+
    • Classes (ondemand and live), how-to's, meno tips and more.
    • Access to 1 month Monthly Circles (Zoom) 

Why Choose Coach Carolyn

It's so much more than my 30+ years in the health and wellness industry and Certifications/ Titles.


It's so much because of where I've been; what I've experienced and learned along my journey that I can share and educate with.   I've struggled as others have; I'm authentic and want to share what I know so others won't.

My work:

I hear first-hand what women are challenged with and what they want to know to grow and celebrate through this journey. Through my work, tv show, connection, networking and everyday talking with women - I HEAR what you say.  

And I'm listening.


Plus; there's NOTHING like the power of connection, right?!

Let's get you feeling fab; feeling in control and showing the world how 40+ is DONE!

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