Group Coaching

Being part of a Community is important.   With so many areas that are “pillars” that affect our health (from nutrition and physical activity to your Community, City; even Government level).  Sometimes those we love around us can make or break the success.  Have you ever heard of the friend who is trying to lose weight but her family or spouse aren’t on the same page and keep bringing foods into the home that don’t help? Or …. the relative who wants to create change for the better in her life but her social circle LOVE to eat, drink and be very merry – regularly?

Those around us can really have an impact on what we do; how well we do it.


That’s why Group Coaching is so wonderful – for those who need this as an option (or not because it’s fun to do regardless!) it’s their “circle” or like-minded people with like-minded goals. People striving, hoping, dreaming, doing. With pitfalls and successes they cheer each other on and they are the ones you can turn to when you need help, advice – or that cheerleading to keep you going on another day with this.


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