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You Can Expect

1:1 Coaching

It's important to me that you get what you need to help you *shine*. From hourly Consults, to my Live. Sweat. Sparkle Program, workouts - I tweak what I do - to meet *your* needs.


From Group Programs to Monthly Challenges; Poundfit Classes to Virtual Workshops for Organizations and Groups, I can create programs that suit your needs - to help you through any challenge in life, be it health or lifestyle-focussed.

Mindfully Living

The challenges of 2020 and beyond have shown us the importance of not just health - but MIND health. My stress-resilience programs, meditations and yoga-flex allow my clients to create space in their body, mind, home and life. Let me help you with yours.

Get Healthy And Vibrant for Good

Increase your energy
For my private health coaching clients, I created a personalized roadmap to health, using a holistic view of my clients’ lives. Along with the diet and food choices, I also consider such factors as exercise, work, relationship, sleep, stress, environment, medical and family history, and lifestyle when coaching someone on how to create their health journey. Change your health in one day!

Price table

``Glimmer`` (Basic)
A fresh start for your soul, health, wellbeing and more.
One 45-minute consultation each month, via (your choice of): Facebook rooms/messenger, FaceTime, Zoom, Skype.
Personalised pdf during month on what *you* want, ie, self- care plans, nutrition, movement, mindfulness.’  (See other options for check-ins and free classes).

**Pricing for preparation of Pdf’s etc included in this monthly fee for this option: typical price would be $50-100 per hour for these.).


Glow (Pro)
Learn how to track your habits for greater results
2, 1-hour virtual, phone or in-person (if nearby) 1-2-1 coaching sessions; Personalized PDFs reflecting our discussions 1 check-in (see next option for unlimited check-in access. Personalized pdfs (Pricing for preparation of all Pdf’s etc included in this monthly fee). Accountability challenge/ follow-up with each call. Unlimited email support.
Flare! (Exclusive) **BEST VALUE!!*
Can be ``nutrition-focussed``; create a more balanced life. Learning how to eat for *you*.
3, 1 hour virtual,  phone or in-person (if nearby),  1-2-1 coaching sessions – any topic of your choice and JOURNAL GIFT.

Access and lessons on how to use the BEST app out there to help you with tracking.

Pdfs, and if opted for: workouts/ recipes **All prep time and post/ call time included in this price*

Unlimited check-in, email access.

1 free group class

10% off ALL future workshops/ webinars.

A Fresh (but oh so doable and *fun*) Approach To Health & Life

You’re ready to explore a life that loves you as much as you love it through (your choice of) weekly or bi-weekly one-on-one coaching sessions.

30 Day Challenge

Perfect for you if..

Whether you are looking to curb your cravings, learn simple tools and discover a healthier, happier lifestyle, or how-to’s for fitness, mental happiness and mindfulness; my fun and simple 30 day online challenges are worth the try; a great way to begin on the road to new, happy, healthy, habits.

Group Coaching

This is for *you* if....

Sometimes it is most helpful – when you aren’t going it alone. Joining my Community of women who truly sparkle inside and out; all wanting the same thing; to be healthy, happy and whole. Okay – that’s three 🙂


I knew it was time. It was well *past* time., but I am an accomplished procrastinator.  In a chance meeting at a networking event, I was fortunate enough to meet a *kind* and *inspiring* woman with a magnetic personality.  More than anything, she made me laugh and I knew that working out with her would actually be FUN.

Carolyn genuinely cares about her Clients and her passion for empowering women to live life to the fullest, makes that last set of push-ups worthwhile.  I highly recommend her as a Trainer (as well as a Coach and Speaker) for anyone looking to get back into shape/ create a healthy lifestyle – and have a GREAT time while doing it!

J.L., Wealth Management, Ontario



Jill E, London Ontario

Carolyn’s passion for aiding women as they make the journey to self-love is unparalleled! She uses her own experiences, training and intuition to take Clients from 0 to 60 mph in less than 60.  Definitely recommend one of her body confidence/ self-love sessions or working with her as your Coach!

Sara S., London, Ontario

I work Internationally with her and I’ve been doing pound classes with Carolyn since the COVID lock down regularly and not missed one session.  Coach Carolyn is amazing. She oozes with energy and enthusiasm .  You can’t help it but feel it, since it’s contagious.  I absolutely love it and love Coach Carolyn.

Thank you so much Carolyn. You rock!  Keep going girl. You really sparkle!!!

T. Shum, UK