Have your program curated to exactly YOUR needs and get the attention that comes with 1-1 programming.

Be part of a group.  Know you aren't alone and.... hear others' perspectives: topics included are sleep, stress, self, symptoms and strong.

Enjoy a dynamic and engaging monthly collective! Listen, learn, LAUGH and share when you wish.

It's time! 

If you are a woman; and/ or over 40 (or thereabouts), peri, menopausal or post and want to feel THAT sparkle again; that feeling of control in your life; over your body/ mind and .... get answers and how-to's on how to thrive during these years, you have oh-so-come to the right place.

Take a look around at the various programming and see what works best for you.  From one-on-one to group; monthly fun to my on-demand platform AND online programming; I have you covered girlfriend!

No longer do women need to feel alone, invisible and worthless at any age AND with regard to menopause.  No ma'am; it's your time to