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You “think” you want to create changes, embrace new routines, habits, behaviours that will help 40 plus be amazing.  You’d like to know more about what the heck a Coach does (a LOT when it comes to truly helping people create change) and you’d love to be able to ask someone “in the know” questions but just don’t want that sales-spiel.



Welcome home my Friend.



I have been in business since who knows when now (35+ years in this; 10+ very successful years in real estate, where I was known as the “non-pressure” and honest gal so people happily recommended me) and have learnt much about people.  I mean, being a Coach you are in the business OF knowing about people – so the last thing I will do is pressure you.  Want proof? I’ll happily offer you to connect with previous clients or people I’ve worked with (with their permission of course) so you can hear for yourself.


I want to work with you because you want to work with me (or someone).  NOT because you felt pressured into it.



Change ONLY happens…… when you badly, badly, badleeeee want something.


So my Clients come to me because that’s exactly the case. They want change; have wanted it badly for so long – and reach out to me since they are ready.



So let’s have a consult – so you can sparkle!


Just one.


You pick whether it ends there or you want more. But I’m not going to push. You can continue on with calls/ consults/ Sparkle Sessions – or to save …. you can either opt for a monthly plan – or any of my Programs.


How do you know about something; how to go about it; what is involved in it….without speaking to someone?  Click the button below (just do it as Nike would say….) to book your first one. The minute I hear from you, I’ll be in touch and we can plan when we can have this exciting, inspiring, motivation, *you-transforming* Consult; or fill out the form below if you have any questions for me.



When you make yourself and your health your number one priority, the rest comes naturally. Let me show you how.


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I’m excited for you already. xo


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for transformations my Friend (as in the word “here” lol…) .


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