I'm.  A.  Vault.


  • I don't share your info; name; what you are working on; wishes, dreams, etc....not even with my family; *not* even my dog 😉 
  • I don't share you email info.
  • I literally had two women from the same Business work with me separately for 2 years before they found out they both came to me. 
    So no, I don't share.
  • I keep your info - safely - for up to 6 months in case you come back once you are finished; but after that it's deleted/ shredded.
  • The only time we as Coaches etc are obligated to say something to anyone is if we feel a Client is a serious danger to themselves or other people; but that's not happened with me yet.

Do you do Retreats regularly - and how do I find out about them?

  • Great question: I will be adding Retreats to my offerings
  • I will be offering them once or twice a year
  • Sign up / contact with me through the form at the bottom of this page and I will add you to the list of those interested - so you too can be the first to know.
  • You bet I do! And I'd *love* to add you to my Sparkle Tribe to receive it.  
  • Fill out the form below with your name and email address and I'll add you to the list.
  • My Newsletters focus on inspiration, offering knowledge, wisdom and building community. You will learn about the upcoming Programs I have. But it won't be salesy!
  • You bet I am!  On my "about page" you will see exactly what I am certified in - but as well as being a Personal trainer (for aeons now!) I'm a certified Health Coach with American Council on Exercise (and proudly so) with various Specializations as well as a CCF-certified Life Coach; to me they go hand in hand.
  • Absolutely, my Friend.
  • I want to meet you and any other potential Clients where you/ they are at.
  • For those close-by who like the in-person I'm more than happy to meet: at a coffee house; at the Client's home or somewhere else agreed-upon.
  • For those farther away - and who also like the convenience of not having to add the extra "travel" time onto their session (and mayyyyybe like to be in their pj's lol) I love offering virtual Coaching (most of my Coaching is this).
  • You bet! 
  • Some women want just a coaching session here or there; others want to be part of my Programs (ie, "Live. Sweat. Sparkle!" and others still want my memberships which are a bit of both.
  • I'm basically here to help - so YOU let me know what you want and we can figure it out! 
  • No.
  • I look at it this way: don't wear clothes the same way as everyone else; you don't go to the Doctor and they just offer you one way to help you.
  • I have my Courses I offer; let's say with a "base" to them and then tweak them to fit each Client's needs. Some want a nutrition-focus; others fitness; some want both and others want only self-improvement.  
  • I'm here for you; let me know below how I can help you.
  • Oh where do I begin?
  • I took my Coaching Certifications because I felt (a) that really I was often helping women with their lives when I was training them (without going outside of my "Scope of Practice" at the time; however these conversations meant so much to me that I needed to offer more.
  • Coaching allows me FAR more scope of practice; working with nutrition, the psychology of our decisions and so much more.  I come with much in my toolbox to help you.
  • So often we "try" things on our own.  Or sometimes with the best of intentions, we mean to; but tomorrow just never comes.  
  • I as a Coach keep my Clients accountable, inspired, motivated.  Offering information, education and activities that both allow clients to dig-deep AND help new habits *stick*.
  • Many people find it too challenging on their own and find as soon as they've worked with a me; and I'm objective, honest, and experienced - that they not only succeed but wonder why it took them so long to get in touch.
  • Let's talk! 
  • Have an initial Consult with me; a "Sparkle Session" - where you can ask questions, gauge how you feel about me and we see if we connect.
  • I can guarantee you there won't be any pressure from my end of things; people "know" when they are ready and finally want to make those changes that've been hounding them for years.
  • E-transfer (interac)
  • Paypal
  • You tell me!
  • Fill out the form below and let's start the conversation.

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