8 Health Trends Your Mind and Body Needs This Month

I’m choosing 8 things that personally I feel worth looking at. As with anything; some my resonate with you, others not – that’s fine. But as with anything, I like to offer up examples to at least get the thought-process begun for people. Maybe reading this list will get the juices flowing for you and you’ll think of other things you could try.


Read on my Friend…



Music can be a window to our soul and it can lift us up…or bring us crashing to our knees. We may not know it (or have thought of it), but music is a huge part of our life – and has a huge impact on it too. I know when I put on the tunes of music that inspires me….I’m taken away to another place perhaps a memory or imagination and I’ve gotta say I’m lifted up, smile ear to ear and it sets the tone for the day.

There is more and more research being carried out on the benefits of music but they DO know it affects our mental health. The British Academy of Sound Therapy just found that 78 minutes daily is optimal for improving it.

Think about your Circadian Rhythm.

Eat when it’s light, stop (and sleep) when it’s dark.  Seems like a simple piece of advice.  Deep sleep is definitely needed but “how” do we get this? Our Circadian Rhythm could be the key to all of this. Read this article HERE and see what you think.  

I always try to help my Client create the habit of not eating/ snacking once they’ve had dinner as much as is possible.  If we can switch both our eating habits and our sleeping habits to sync more with our bodies, our needs and the hours in the day…we just might be on to something. As they say at the top of the article above:

There’s a $432 billion sleep market and we’re still not sleeping. 


Take a break – with work!

I don’t know about you. I love my work – and I *love* my downtime. And yet.

My most creative moments seem to arrive on Sundays. As I’m hunkered down on my couch – or outside in my favourite “nook” and I get the need to create posts or images, write content or otherwise. But it’s “work” and yet….I want to do it. It’s enjoyable. But it’s Sunday.

So I do it.

You can understand then how intrigued I was to read about one of the trends for 2020.  We all know how “digital” offices – or working remotely too – has been on the up and up for a few years now, but check out this new trend making it’s name known: “Wellness sabbaticals,” three-week (or more) escapes from conventional office environments, intended to help you reset and refocus on your health. 

How cool is that? 

What’s the difference?  Think about the typical wellness retreat (which I’ve hosted, been to and love) where we go for downtime, relaxation, health, inspiration and more. And we leave our technology and any thought of work at home. Don’t get me wrong; these are grrrreat, but check out the new thought that perhaps it’s worth trying these while allowing in and welcoming our technology too.  These are not so much vacations; more work-related retreats.

Tel Aviv, Israel, has one called Gather, for example, that invites remote workers to partake in a communal Kibbutz lifestyle during their stay. Check out too,  Rancho La Puerta. In fact, there is an list if you look up “wellness sabbaticals”.

You also don’t have to travel far to create this environment. I loooove summer and work from dawn until dinner outside in my “backyard office”. Under my gazebo; music playing; animals to watch. I *love* this. Like really LOVE this – and my family has to drag me screaming and shouting in at night for dinner lol, but think about it: whether inside or out; can you think about how your home / office is designed? Can you create it to connect symbiotically with your life?  You too, could live and work every day as if it’s a retreat, adding interior elements that put your wellness first.

Think about it…..


“In every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.”
– Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Biochemist and Nobel Prize Winner

Interesting, huh?

I think about energy often. We all have it (okay…maybe some days not so much); but do we use it to our full potential? When we have oodles of it and are inspired and super-happy, we are like sunshine to others and tend to invite so much good into our world. 

Having said the above, I can’t do this topic any justice – so check out this article about what is going on in the world of wellness related to energy – and the thoughts that are arising; the research being carried out and the possibilities. Click HERE to read.



Dress for health?

There has been a growing focus for a while now, on “well” clothing which has been about sustainability.  However if you read reports, and research coming up, there are various Organizations, Designers, Companies who are actually creating – or considering doing so – clothing that optimizes our health wellbeing in real-time.

How cool is that? I don’t mean it will take our temperature and get us a hot toddy when needed. More about what is being infused “into” the clothing; what healthy properties are being used in the dyes. It’s quite interesting when you read about it. They are even supposedly on the verge (maybe have?) of creating fabrics that – get this – can store and/or generate energy! And do it without adding awkward, bungles, large, *obvious* cells and/ or batteries.


I could go on (but won’t here) about the fact they are hoping to create a “wearable skin care” clothing infused with vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants and more….are you excited?

As long as they come in pink or sparkles, I’m game to try….you?



Get virtual.

If you enjoy it; odds are you will *do* it.   If you are 40+ especially ladies, please think about what you could do to do this; and if doing so virtually helps – where you can cut right down on travel-time (unless your stairs get backed-up??) – give it a go. I know with COVID 2020 it changed things completely and I took my business 99% online. Had been wanting to “go there” for years and yet something always got in the way.

More importantly, however – my clients, new participants and clients LOVED this option because it was no longer an hour and a half to two for a workout or class but literally one hour. They could set up where they like; and better still? If they don’t want the camera on can wear what they like lol. 

Have you tried this? If so…drop me a line and let me know how / if you liked it….


Bodyweight Training.

Don’t have weights/ dumbbells so you don’t work out thinking you can’t? Think again….your body can come in mighty handy when it comes to working out – if you know how (hint: don’t know how?  Click HERE and let’s talk)



DEFINITELY not least – just last as they say. Have you *ever* done a Pundit Class? Full transparency: I offer it – but I’m adding this because of that. I’m adding it because of how absolutely brilliant a Program it is; how life-changing and how inspiring, uplifting…(can ya tell I believe in it?). And don’t even get me STARTED on “Generation Pound” for kids! Oh-my-wow brilliant.

I personally took the cert. because I wanted something to challenge my brain as I aged (having to keep up with what your arms, legs are doing in so many ways does make the grey cells work!); I always wanted to be a drummer (seriously) and I LOVE how music inspires and lifts me up (love to dance also). So I thought: “why not”.


Well, my friend…all I can say is if you wan to do yourself a favour; if you want to make yourself feel brilliant, confident, strong, happy, inspired, motivated and part of a community…. *you need to try this*.  Whether you join one of my virtual classes during Covid or someone else’s just try this once.


You’ll be so happy you did.



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