How I lost 5+ pounds, 5 inches, with 2 new changes – to gain so much more…

It’s incredible how it took me to *after* 50 to finally learn what worked for my body.


From Instructor to Personal Trainer to Health and Life Coach to Facilitator, Speaker and Pound Pro (so proud of that one!) I’ve been in the world of health and fitness for more than 30 years now (which as I type that I get both an “ouch” sensation yet also give myself a pat on the back) and have always taken pride in walking the walk; practicing what I preach and any other cliche around that point that applies.



Always focussing on how to help others put the healthiest practices into place; from eating for their body, happiness and lifestyle to creating mindfulness in their everyday so they can decrease the stress and increase their sparkle…or showing them not only the “what and how-to” when it comes to activity but the all important question to be answered: the “why” – have always helped them achieve and kept myself oh so strong, fuelled healthily and living mindfully.




If I’m honest it did baffle me as to why “I” didn’t reflect physically all the goodness I was doing to my body and mind. In other words – judge me if you will – I didn’t “look” as fit as I felt.


Then COVID happened.


Funny thing – I felt this “gave” me the opportunity to focus more on me without pressuring myself that it would mean offering less to others
FUN FACT: by doing this I actually ended up being of MORE help to others!


Below is what happened: changing just 2 things in my way of eating and…..


I feel like a new me – at 50 plus!


I’m toned where I wasn’t before.


I’m at least (at this time) 5 inches smaller.


I’m 7 pounds lighter.




I’m. Never. Hungry.


Read *that* part again!


It all came about by chance.  


  • I’m a BIG believer in knowing where you *are* to determine where (and how) you are going.


    • Even Trainers and Health Pros “in the know” have to tweak things (you know none of us is perfect and we are all human, right?) and I decided to upload a *BRRRRILLIANT* free App for tracking my nutrition.  Not the typical ones that everyone uses but one I hadn’t heard about.


    • Once I’d  downloaded (uploaded; not techie enough to know which….) I started recording all I ate and two things stood out: when I kept my sugar (as opposed to carbs my friends) and saturated fat UNDER the required daily amounts…..   the weight just fell off. Literally.


And with the weight loss came:


  • More energy
  • More confidence
  • Less hunger (still to this day, 4 months on and counting)
  • More vibrant skin
  • More lean muscle
  • Much more love of my body


The excitement to actually wear *those* dresses again!  


Now this is one of those things you need to be dedicated to. If you have some weight you’d like to lose to be healthier, feel better, be able to do more and to help towards a longer quality of life…then it’s time to make some changes – and really stick to them.


I’m not talking dieting (never…I never promote it and don’t believe in it unless for mitigating circumstances); not talking starving and not talking tracking for ever more (unless this works for you – if it does…then don’t listen to others, do it if it keeps you on track!).


I’m talking having that serious conversation with yourself on what is needed.


Being accountable to yourself (or finding someone else to take on this role)


And determining with every mouthful; is this getting me closer to my goals or farther away?


It’s not rocket-science – it IS walking the walk and putting action into play.


I tell you; focussing on these two things have been a game changer.  From always eating well yet not happy with how I felt completely – to eating well (and still having my treats here and there!) to feeling SO happy with how I feel!


Let me know if I can help you feel this way. Book a Jump-Start Session with me to see how you too…..can focus on you and feel great