Your hips don’t lie: how the pandemic has challenged our hips.

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.

Jim Rohn

It’s true. I was reading a great article today in the ACE magazine I receive and it was about this. And the message is too important to ignore ladies. While you’ve been sitting, the hips have been silently suffering. But….we may be finding that now they are “speaking up” as it were. Our hips are so very valuable to us. They are considered on the one hand our “emotional junk drawer” with a connection to our stress levels. So right there, there’s a reason to ensure you work them, strengthen them, stretch them, release them.

However when we sit too much we are believe it or not putting a whole heck of a lot of stress on the muscles that are around the hips and this is where the problems lie. Our Ileacus, psoas muscles and glutes are the ones who pay the price. And we can’t afford this to happen since our hip movement is limited as it is compared to other joints.

You could find you are finding it tougher to stand up and walk. Or perhaps you found you are having new back pain, headaches, hips feel tight or worse…and there are a multitude of “new” aches that have shown up and you’ve just put them aside as you sit more and get your work done.
Remember when we could be “out there” more? You either walked more around your office – getting there; to meetings; to lunch etc. Or…. you were out networking, grabbing items you needed more. There was just so much more “up and about”. Now we’ve become so attached to our laptops for our work, connection…and then jump on the couch and watch tv at night.

No wonder your poor hips are suffering. And remember….we can “hurt” in one area and it can be pain from another muscle(s)….which is why seeing someone such a Physio etc is important to determine what your pain really is.

At the end of the day you need to look at the health of your hips and as women it’s crucial; aging women even more so. All is not lost….if you are reading this and think you have been sitting so much more. Make today the day you change that.

Ways to do so:

  • Yoga / Stretch work
  • Strength work for glutes, etc such as lunges
  • Ensuring you stand up regularly – ie every hour at the very least (and not a brief jump up!)
  • Trying to get creative; perhaps get back to walking meetings
  • Walking in general

Remember, our hips are too important to us and often lose out in focus to us working our heart with cardio, abs to have flat abs for summer etc…yet our hips are part of our core make up so ignoring these will only cause pain down the line.

Need help? Reach out to me…..I’d love to help either through a one-time call or….working with you to help you figure out what works for you.

Yours in hip health…. Coach C xo