How should I workout?

Q'n'A: Exercising.

Carolyn: We read so much about exercise but I'm still a bit confused: what should I be doing as I near menopause and become post?


Great question!  We were brought up to slog it out; sweat it out - go HIIT or go home.  And yes, as with anything, there is a time and a place for anything.


However if you read the likes of Dr. Jen Gunther and Dr. Lisa Musconi - as well as others in the world of women's health around the menopausal years, it is MODERATE-INTENSITY that wins the day.


Very few of the standard - slog it out - methods were created with the female physique in mind as 
Dr. M points out.


Scientists have found that MODERATE-INTENSITY cardio and resistance training benefit women. When we go hard or go home, CORTISOL (stress hormone) is released into the system and this is something women don't need more of; we have this in droves.


Cardio examples: I will hop on to an eliptical and do 20 minutes of this before strength training; this is HOW:  after my warm up five minutes, I'll go harder for a minute (as if having a convo with someone but it's not easy (note: it's not so hard you CAN'T talk either); just ensure it's a bit of a challenge. Then I go easy for 30 seconds....and then I repeat this until the 20 mins is up.


This is just how I do it; you could do two mins on/ two off; 1 minute on/ 1 off; 30 on/ 30 off; you get the idea.


Don't like cardio? Then like the result instead. Just some of the support it can offer: it can be very productive to help hot flashes.  And it has been shown to slow down the decreasing of brain size: Read that again.


Let's not forget the power of including in your regime too for optimal health moving forward: balance and stretch work: have at least ONE SESSION a week focussing on these.


For strength training recent studies show moderate cardio and weight-bearing exercises are the sweet spot.


Again; think of what you are GETTING: better mood (remember: we have three states; by working on one....all three of them benefit/ improve), help with anxiety and more not to mention bone-health (this is crucial ladies!!.).


Remember: for any support with either menopause, post menopause and/ or the aging body - AND FEMALE BRAIN - it's worth taking time out each week and you never know if you struggle with symptoms odds are you will feel some relief.

Thanks for asking me! Keep the questions coming!

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Coach C xo