Work on the inside – then decorate the outside.

Oh how I LOVED hearing these words recently – spoken by Susan Jacobs a Wardrobe and Image Consultant – as we discussed women, confidence, self love and showing our true, authentic, fantastic, funny, magical selves out to the world! (It reminded me of the time I was buying my new glasses – that I LOVE btw – and the adorable sales clerk said “they’re like jewelry for your face!” I mean, mind-blowing, Oprah-moment ensued. So true right?!)

We are going through challenging times (as I’m typing this we are approx. 7.5 months into “the” Pandemic / 2020).

But if anything – these times have had us sit back, reflect and truly understand:

>> What is important to us

>> What we WANT to do, be, have.

>> And how our health – both body AND mind is THE most important thing on the planet.

>> We damn well DESERVE to focus on us; to enjoy everything we do and thrive……….

It’s not selfish; not something to feel guilt about. I mean, when we finally shift the spotlight onto our dreams, feelings, wishes, thriving….we in essence are doing something for those in our world to benefit from. I mean, when we sleep better we have more energy; when we have more energy we want to move more. When we move more we FEEL FABULOUS and get rid of stresses and feel CONFIDENT in our clothes and at the end of the day it equals ten coffees and and five glasses of wine for powering us up and making us brave and badass, right?!

So……why not do this more (the moving, confidence-building, happy-go-lucking; not the wine drinking lol)……??

It’s NOT how a dress or pants feel;

it’s how we FEEL in them.

It’s NOT how our body looks in workout gear;

it’s how we FEEL while doing it.

It’s NOT how fat, thin, tall, short, round, long, wrinkled or not….that we feel.

ya know it: it’s HOW WE FEEL with all of the above and more.

If this period in time has given us *anything* at all – it’s given us the time to ponder. To sit. And Be. It’s given us the time (since it’s not like we are out travelling or eating in restaurants; not at events to glam up for, etc….) to reflect. Look deeply within and really ask ourselves:

What REALLY makes me HAPPY?

Then…. and only then….. can you make a roadmap to where you want to go. What you want to Do. Be. Embrace. LET GO of. Bring Into your world.

These times are not about anger, resentment, self-judgement and questioning. These are about taking the bull by the horns and making that transformation that perhaps has been sitting on the side-lines while you were, um….

Being everything to everyone.

So….grab a coffee, wine, water, or puppy to cuddle with and ask yourself these three questions. I love to practice what I preach and have to say I did just this at the beginning of the year when “the” pandemic had begun. I had no choice but to do so, since for a few weeks there no clients were coming here and I was forced to pivot (BEST MOVE EVER btw).

Once I really embrace what I “love” to do as opposed to what I felt I “should” have been doing – it was quite frankly a game-changer. Things have never been the same and never been better. I actually (knock me down with a feather here…) *turned down a client* since I was brave enough to say no to her needing outside of my working hours (transparency here: “old” me would have desperately clung to her as a client, said yes, been angry at myself for saying yes to her and not to me; would have then NOT looked forward to the day each week and thus took the enjoyment away). SO….getting back to those questions to ask yourself…….

  • What do I want?
  • What makes me happy?
  • What would I do “if” I had NOTHING in my way.

And the last question:

Why aren’t I doing this?

And if you need any help with these at all, reach out to me. The most fired-up (tad exciteable), inspired, happy, fulla beans gal I’ve been – I’d love to show you HOW.