Want to reach goals for 2023? Know your Stage

Know your 'stage of change' so you *can* create change

Especially around this time of year there is a lot of talk from both people and wellness pros of  'goals' and those darned new year's resolutions.


But did you know there is something that could help you create these goals - and more importantly have more success at succeeding with them?


It boils down to you my friend.   Any health coach or trainer like myself will and should know these stages since it helps us help you to learn and gain success at the pace you need to.  Let me explain:


Transtheoretical Model of Behaviour Change, aka 'Stages of Change'


  •  Pre-Contemplation Stage: creating change isn't even on your radar.
    • So what if you are here....and as it stages, creating change isn't even on your radar?  Well.....this is a trickly one for you to recognize in yourself however pushing yourself to 'just do it' each day like the famous saying goes, won't cut it here.  You are working against the grain.
    • As a #healthprofessional working with a client however, I have been trained to know the signs to look for AND how to help move you along to the next stage; to understand the WHY of even trying: (feel you are here?  Email me HERE to find out how you can get out of jail!)


  •  Contemplation Stage: you know about issues/ concerns/ reasons to create change/ healthy habits etc...but you're still mulling it over...no commitment yet.
    • Oooooh... I sense you are getting closer! 
    • Now you are aware of the benefits of healthy habits such as exercise...eating smarter for your body and mind, creating healthy and/or fun lifestyle changes however you are also thinking still about how tough these changes could be and your limitations to even starting.
    • As a coach and health trainer I know a sparkly Client is in this stage if there are a lot of excuses....pushing off adding these actions into their lifestyle.
    • Again here I use the tools that help YOU overcome these obstacles/ hiccups and how to move through them. 
    • Things such as prioritizing 'you time' and knowing why it's important to do so, slot right in here.


  •  Preparation StageYou are so ready! You now have INTENTION and are planning your changes.
    • I'm getting very excited for you here! 
    • We sat down and discussed what would work for you; 
    • You have created a plan which suits you and your lifestyle.
    • And you have support around you to help you succeed with this,  be it your "Healthy Happy Team" , family, friends, wellness pros, community challenges etc
    • MORE importantly, in my book is we have looked at possible obstacles and have contingency. plans in place in case of them. Nothing like knowing the answer to challenges before they happen. The sense of success and confidence that comes with this is HUGE.


  •  Action Stage: Just as it says: you are in the thick of it, following through with your plan and actions...ultimately taking those steps to get to where you wish to be.
    • You are in the thick of it!
    • Exercising regularly, putting your plan of action into place consistently.
    • Still keeping in the back of your mind however hiccups that could show up and what you can do to traverse these.


  •  Maintenance Stage We never stop. This phase is just as important.  You are consistently working towards your goals however you want to know how to keep this going when 'life' gets in the way....
    • It doesn't end with the 'doing'.  
    • Things can get boring fast. So it is important to keep things both enjoyable, challenging and with purpose. 
    • We always need to revisit/ re-assess things so that we are always improving.  Encouragement is key and here I dig back into that sparkly toolbox of mine to help you continue on.


  • Relapse Stage: You fell off that famous bandwagon and are re-starting all over again... (with the right knowledge, you don't have to get here!
    • You have NOT failed if you are here.  
    • It doesn't mean it's time to throw in the towel. 
    • It DOES mean you just pick up you just put the past in the past and pick uyourself up again.
    • The only failure is in stopping because you hit a hurdle. 
    • Remember you are BETTER OFF at this point than you were when you began - and THIS is what you need to keep in mind.
    • Life will and does get in the way...it's knowing this, understanding this and going on...

Despite this.


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