How to Love Yourself More

So many ways.  And…if you know me, you’ll know I’m ALL about helping women love themselves more (actually and honestly; ANYone I can help with this I am game for since it’s so important to our wellbeing).

A few ways I think we can show ourselves the love:

How I show me the love:

🐌 Slow down.  Boyyyyy did I slow down recently. COVID forced me to (the situation; I didn’t “get” it).  I stopped rushing, doing and creating a whole mound of busy in my life. And the results were endless; but one of them was I became so much calmer and happier. And I felt so great; about ‘me’.
Give yourself some downtime here and there; “allowing” yourself to just stop and smell the roses is absolutely showing yourself the love.
😜 Do what you enjoy: for me – my quiet coffees in my jammies on the back deck at 6:30 am doing my crossword and watching/listening to the wildlife (which THANKfully no longer includes neighbour kids screeeeeaming lol);
is heavenly. It starts my day off so well; on the right foot as it were, and when you start your day in the right mindset, it can only be good.  What do you enjoy doing? Do you do it or enough of it? Show yourself some love and add more into your life.
💚 Find a passion (which sort of is an extension of the above point, I guess). For me, (other than my Hubby, Son, chocolate-covered almonds and elephants…) I am adding POUNDfit to the list: teaching my #virtual #pound classes. Omg. Soothes the #soul – makes it sing and I’m building a lovely community of #fun #strength #selflove and #friendship with my #poundposse (#proudmoment). I “literally” can’t wait to get upon days I teach it. How often have you been that energized excited about something?And how cool is it to look forward to something like that?  Find a passion and you smile, laugh, enjoy, love……it’s showing self love in a big way to *you*.
🧠 Doing what you reeeeally love is reeeeeally important. And spreading the word to others that spending time with yourself in #quiet, #reflection, #peace in whatever way – even if it’s just five minutes a day – is perfect and the epitome of self-love.
I’ve run out of emojis, but there’s more: 
Nourish your soul; when we eat well….healthily yes but dieting NOOOO – leaving some space for “fun food” here and there; yet being cognizant that in order to have optimum health we really should take the time and put the effort into eating what serves our soul and health – we are showing ourselves the love.
Be active; you might think this an odd way to show yourself the love, but honestly? Anything you are doing to help yourself live a quality life; quality “of” life and the healthiest, happiest one….is that not worth it and showing yourself such love?  I think so.  So it might not be something you want to do (believe me, there are days…) but sometimes the things we don’t want to do are the things we would benefit from. So: how can you be active, in a way you would enjoy (or come close to it…) to live that life that’s full of energy and sparkle? 
Focus on all the great things about you. Don’t think they are there? Look harder then because they are.  We get so used to looking at the flaws and perceived imperfections that all we see are the negatives.  How cool would it be to train the brain to naturally go to the positives about ourselves? It can be done (ask me how – as a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner I have oodles of tricks in my toolbox…) with effort and focus – and desire to see all that you are 🙂
We get one chance on this merry-go-round – so make it as merry as you can.
➡️ Remember: it’s not what you can’t do but what you CAN. If you focus on not being able to find time for yourself to show yourself the love – you’ll be right. But if you say you’ll find five minutes (to start…) to focus on yourself more – you’ll #thrive.
And then? You’ll feel the importance and find more without even trying and ultimately:

feel so much love.