Plan more, stress less.

Why putting together Your daily/ weekly eating plan decreases stress, makes you more productive and changes how you see your day....


Planning your meals wisely is key to not only staying physically fit and healthy, but also to staying mentally strong and being able to best manage your levels of stress.


Think about it for a minute; is your typical day like this:


  • Get up, dressed, do all that is needed for pets/ family/ work depending upon which applies;
  • Grab something fast....not really looking/ thinking about take for lunch or completely forget to.
  • Get started on the day (in- or outside the home) til lunch
  • Grab those goodies you tossed in your bag and scarf them down while working OR: run out fast to grab "something" and head to the closest fast-food place (including those coffee houses friends, as much as I LOVE coffee);
  • Rush home and get right into "life" only to realize just before 6:30 you have nothing for dinner's either look in the freezer for something (often "prepared/processed") or run out for something/ order in.....
  • Finish dinner by 8.....clean up......where'd the night go for you-time?


What if.....instead you had your meals organized so your headspace was less cluttered and you/ your family could be........ 






Just by changing HOW you do things. So perhaps instead your day would be this version:


  • Get up refreshed; enjoy that first sip of your cuppa and have time for YOU however that looks before the madness begins!
  • Knowing your plans for dinner, you get stuff ready and off you go...
  • Start the day with a healthful brekkie (for all if applies) and leave to start your "other" day content and ready to take it on.
  • After a productive am you enjoy the lunch you prepared knowing you have the time to take for fuelling your mind and body for the afternoon to come.
  • Upon arrival at have that dinner you take what was organized earlier and create something with time, taste and good for all!
  • Finishing the day; you can feel proud of yourself for the day you've had - for keeping your cortisol down and.....know you have tomorrow licked too.


Seriously. How much better would you feel/ more relaxed...which in turn would help things like connecting, stress-release, time for you, SLEEP and so much more.  Not to mention your weight now you aren't eating so many useless calories.


Oh.....can we add in one of the MOST IMPORTANT FACTORS: which is you are both TEACHING your kids / any younger peeps in your world how to eat in this world of such obesity, lack of health, fast food, TEMPTATIONS and being a ROLE MODEL for putting your health FIRST.


Now. In future blog posts I will be offering information on HOW to create these plans....some fabulous ways to help you regain that control if you feel it's been running away from you...and that oh-so-important feeling of FABULOUSNESS!


However, today it is about knowing which foods to avoid and which are the best to reach for to snack on when you’re feeling worried and anxious is important to helping you get control over your emotions and fears.


When you’re feeling stressed, you may be tempted to reach for classic ‘comfort foods’ – usually foods which are laden with sugar, very starchy, or greasy. However, although these foods can make you feel momentarily better, they will actually make you feel worse in the long run.


Having stress-busting snacks such as fresh berries, dark chocolate, yogurt, walnuts or pistachios, or even a fruit smoothie with avocado and leafy greens in it can help you to feel better in both the short and long term when it comes to stress. When it comes to combatting and dealing with stress in the long run, it’s important to make sure that for the most part, you are eating a diet which is healthy and balanced - with some opportunity for FUN too. Gotta enjoy!


In order to stay on track, it’s a good idea to make a meal plan for your week and plan ahead (remember; read next week for this info!) to make sure that you have a good selection of these stress-busting foods in your kitchen to make meals and snacks from when you’re feeling like stress-eating.  Making sure that the majority of your meals include foods such as lean proteins and leafy green vegetables will not only make you feel healthier overall, but can improve your mental health and stress levels, too.


A good example of a healthy, stress-busting menu would be:


  • Breakfast: Oatmeal with berries or an almond/ oat milk fruit smoothie with avocado and berries
  • Mid-morning snack: Greek, plain (WITH some fat) yogurt with fruit or a handful of pistachio nuts/ walnuts
  • Lunch: Salad filled with plenty of leafy greens, options of grilled chicken, hardboiled egg/ chickpea salad/ lentils/ broccoli etc. (Want the chickpea recipe..omg it's DELICIOUS from Angela Lidden (Oh She Glows) ...ask me and I'll get it to you!).
  • Afternoon snack: Dark chocolate
  • Dinner: Grass-fed beef with vegetables
  • Before bed: Chamomile tea


Of course, you don’t need to stick to this menu – but it gives you a good idea! Remember to exercise good portion control when eating foods such as nuts, chocolate, yogurt or avocado! As the saying goes, you are what you eat – so make sure that first and foremost, you’re filling yourself up with foods which are good for your mental health.


And see how some planning.....can completely change your day, week and ultimately YOU?


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