Menopause and You: Cardio

Cardio over 40 - the what, they why and the how.

It's logical that many women get on a treadmill, elliptical, bike or otherwise (including running) not just for health but with the goal of losing weight.  


I'll begin with a guide of what we should aim for now we are over forty and/ or somewhere along menopause (that's from pre to very post ladies!).  


As we get here we NEED to have muscle mass as a high focus.  Heart health is all tied up in there too....but a lot of people connect running and cardio with the only things to benefit our heart. Not so. 


So how much?


Each week if you can aim for one-third cardio and two-thirds strength training this is the best combo - and of course aiming to get that 150 minutes of exercise in each week as you apply this.


So what is chronic cardio? Just as it sounds really.  It's focussing on cardio as your go-to for fitness; getting on a cardio machine for 30, 40 plus mins at a time and this being your main form of exercise each week.  These women do lots of cardio and LITTLE resistance training.  Often the levels of cortisol in these women are higher - so cardio is just adding to this.  So, it's not necessarily the right thing for us.


DYK: that when you for instance work out on a cardio machine for say 30 minutes as an go hard.....and burn a slew of calories. At the end of that 30 seconds it's like the curtain has dropped and the burning of calories has come to a halt.


Conversely; if you worked out hard on the weights for the same 30 minutes...during that 30 minute period you would burn less than the 30 mins on the cardio machine, HOWEVER more importantly: when you stop...your body keeps burning for at least the next 24 hours! This means you burn ultimately way more calories than by cardio.


Don't get me wrong; if you do cardio and enjoy it - great! Not saying to stop; merely offering the idea that it's time through this time of life (and some will be cheering here lol!) to re-evaluate your needs.  Cut back on the cardio and increase the strength training.


You'll not only be strengthening bones, muscle mass but you will ALSO be helping your cardio metabolic health in huge ways here.


Don't sleep great at night, consider this:

If doing cardio/ a form of exercise that is high energy (even strength training, classes) - do EARLIER in the day in order to allow your body to get rid of the cortisol that is used.


Early evening and evening programs should be more restorative; stretch, restorative yoga help put your body in rest and digest.   

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