From dreading to dreaming to doing!

The What:

Weight gain: what’s REALLY happening?

So many women think weight gain and any of the mounds of symptoms are a GIVEN when it comes to menopause. Before…during or AFTER.

We don’t “just” become heavier - our body composition changes. On top of which….food intake doesn’t change to match this AND with many, activity decreases.

The why:

Many women gain weight and think “this is it. It’s expected.” And leave it at that.

When we delve further we understand our body composition changes. MEANING: we have LESS muscle mass and our FAT MASS increases. Be it through the changes in estrogen, paired with decreased (sometimes) levels of activity and/ or stress…..not changing food plans. The list goes on.

Why is our muscle mass changing? When we don’t get enough protein (which is also the case for many: many women get UNDER the amount we need: approx. 1.8 g per KG. So our NEED could be anywhere from 80 to 100, 120g and yet….it’s more likely many only get 40-60 daily.
When we don’t EAT the protein, and/or if not doing the exercising we need……and…..if less active and eating carbs, sat fats etc….it’s a natural storm for our muscle mass to lose out to fat mass. 

Muscle doesn’t ‘weigh’ more than fat. It’s just DENSER. It fills the space better!

For us to have MORE muscle mass means our fat is less. Visceral fat is a big part of this we want decreased (that fat around the organs = dangerous fat) - and when MUSCLE takes up the space, well…no room for fat in the house then.

From HEART HEALTH, to strong muscles (which help us stay strong, active and play their part in helping keep osteoperosis away), as well as BRAIN health…but not just that.

THE MORE MUSCLE MASS we have can help with symptoms. For one, muscles can use up a grand amount of sugar! Sugar has a HUGE impact ON symptoms - not in a good way either (story for another day!).

The How

At the end of the day……for weight, health and symptoms - consider the following:

PROTEIN intake. Want to have a positive impact on health, strength, weight, symptoms and MORE? Women - and ESPECIALLY MENOPAUSAL (including POST MENOPAUSAL WOMEN - can’t stress that point enough) NEEED the right amount of protein daily. As I said….anywhere from 1.3-1.8g per KG of your weight and you are in a good place.

Means getting creative with food…but that’s not a bad thing right?

STRONG: Please, please, please - if you do ANYTHING with your workouts at this stage do strength training. Coming from a Yogi too. I will never give up my strength training. Both are important to me, however consistency with both is key too.

CHALLENGE your muscles; at the gym one day pretend you are on a fact-finding mission; and with each machine, put the weights at a number and try one rep. As soon as you get to a place where it challenges you….see if you can do 6.

When you are at a weight you can ONLY do 6 reps, you’re in the right place.

Challenging your muscles… failure….has the osteoblasts (cells which BUILD MUSCLE) run to the rescue and build more! If you are LOADING your muscles, challenging them….the cells which help rebuild head there and this my friends, keeps OSTEOPEROSIS at bay!



There are SO many things to work on at this time however these two babies are CRUCIAL and a great way to start

Stay with me for more. From the FOUR “ESSES” of menopause to essential practices we will all benefit from.

Plus….an upcoming online program for MENOPAUSAL (pre to post!) is coming soon too.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

Hugs’n’sparkles! xo