A whole Lotta NEW coming your way!

Careful; I'll warn you. Have had coffee and got a TON of new stuff organized! Read on to see what's coming end 2022 and into 2023:

BRAND spankin' newly updated 12-week (or more) Coaching Programs: Three Pillars/ areas of focus: we look at what has / hasn't worked in the past (and why), we look at what will help you succeed moving forward and then we (you with my support and accountability) implement.  All topics on the table health or life related (I'm both a Health and Life Coach so we can cover a LOT). 


Maybe it's general wellness tips ...or perhaps you want to dig down and focus on one are ie, sleeping better again and feeling energized!


YOU tell me: curated for you...let's do this. Click HERE to have a FREE CONSULT and see if you think this is for you.


ON Demand: Brand New On Demand Site - you can be a monthly all-access member (access to ALL classes; live, recorded, educational, tips and tricks videos as well as webinars offered there and be part of a Sparkling new Community "Be Magnificent" zoom group.


Online Programs: I'm so excited about this! I've had these planned for years and just never got around to creating and didn't have the courage to put out to the world.  Well...courage be damned! It's coming and ready to be purchased in December (if not before.... message me HERE if you'd like to stay on the "need to know more" list!).


There are programs for general 40+ women and info as well as others geared towards helping yourself feel in control DESPITE menopause.


PODCAST! Wooo hoooo! It's back! I'm back doing this again and with a new name "Coffee with Carolyn" and logo it's ready for your pretty little ears! Please head HERE to listen and if you would support me....*follow* the Podcast. Be so grateful! 


"BE MAGNIFICENT" Mastermind Zoom Group! - Get on the list for my brand new, been yeeeeears in the making, so excited for this ZOOM Monthly Group Zoom calls. I Can't wait! First one will be Xmas-inspired and fun!


Get on the list HERE to know more about this! Can't wait to sparkle with you.  Put WEDNESDAY December 7th at 12:00 noon in yerrr planner to start!


So ... as you can see between all of the above and more...and aaaaall the coffee I've had in excitement today, my poor Husband has quite the bundle of energy on his hands lol.


Quote for the day: 

Grow before you are ready.


Coach Carolyn xo