Switch off to switch on success (happiness…calm….)


Let's talk time-wasting shall we?


Because at the end of the day, I help so many women hit their goals; live up to their dreams and aspirations and win the day - and although everyone is different and the challenges are varied, MUCH of the lack of achievement until then has much to do with time.


When there is little time left over in a day, who wants to work out - or think about creating yet another healthy meal?

When there is little time left over in a day, many things will get pushed to the next one and so on.

When there is little time in a day to just about be abe to throw something down the hatchet for lunch, HOW in the world can you find time to focus on you, right? Running? Walking? Working out? Reading? Being Productive? Losing the damn weight?



Wrong.  Let's slice and dice this baby.  Because when we look at the numbers and put these things into perspective, it's a whole different ball-game friend.  


Here's the thing: let's begin with your phone.  I know...... you're going to tell me you don't spend much time on it (FULL transparency here: I used to tell myself this too until I got REALLY honest with myself). Think about it this way: 


Two hours a day is 3600 minutes in a month.  And 3600 minutes is more than 2 days in a month spent on the phone.  And ..... most people when they get that notification from their phone stating how many hours they've averaged a day? Most spend MORE than 2 days a month on it.


From facebook, to twitter, insta to linkedin. There is so much to be catching your attention.  From sending emails (or remembering the ones you didn't which stay on your mind; from the "must do it now" responses of text-messaging - not to mention the videos to watch on youtube and websites to scroll through. 


And this stuff isn't even talking yet about the work - inside and/or outside of the home that you have to do and family obligations.


How in the world is there truly any time to work on yourself, am I right?  **Can you humour me here and go back a couple of paragraphs to look at the hours spent on the phone and / or social?  I think we've found where we can truly create that change in your life.  But it will mean one thing:


Giving up some of that screen-time; or at the very least reorganizing it in such a way you are so much more productive when needed and able to completely switch off when not.  


How freeing to open up 2 hours (or one even) in your day? To not have your mind focussed on the beeping, the messages you aren't responding to; the posts you aren't creating...and have things so much more streamlined and organized that you can be PRESENT for your family, friends, work - most of all though for you.


I'm in no way saying for you to stop. Nope.  Just do it better.  Because when you are more organized, it opens up so much more time for you to do the things you love; that help you (or those you love) and ........ allows you to also feel better about you. More rested. Calmer. Sleep better.


The results are absolutely endless. I promise.


When you give up some endless screen time (you know - "that" time it's easy to get carried away scrolling....) you will find you now do have 15, 20, 30 minutes to focus on you, your meals, your happiness, your chill time.


A good way of doing this is to begin by knowing where you are at. We all think there is NO way "we" are on our phones etc a lot - right? You'd be surprised when actually taking the time to look in to this how much we are.  Kelly McGonigal, author of the brilliant book The Upside of Stress" had a class of students at University one year, delve into how much they were on their phones in a day - and it turns out it was more than 5 hours. A day.


So: what if you humoured me here and began the process by recording every time you go onto a screen of some sort. Record both the start and end time. Do this for 24 hours and tot it all up the next day.  This will be your starting point.  This... is knowing the beast you are battling with.  


Want to receive the form to record this on? Fill out the form below and let's have a strategy session and let's get going.  One step in the right direction; just one call.


Next, it's about prioritizing. I'll be doing a webinar on this soon however to get started - look at your handy-dandy planner and see which day - or which time of day - you can slot some time in to ONLY look on socials and/or watch videos.  Slot some other time daily (ie, 4-5 pm) where you will check emails and follow-up.).  How much time you allot and when is completely up to you; I'm just drawing the picture of how to become more organized in your day; to spend less time scrolling and to then ultimately feel any kind of negative. I've had clients explain how they feel overwhelming stress; worthless; lacking confidence; happiness.... any kind of description - and organizing their screen time has been so beneficial.


What if you had one day a week dedicated to social prep? (It IS doable; been there, done that; can help you with the how);

What if you had specific times each day you respond to emails?


What if.... this opened up both time and energy for you to do the things you LOVE with the people you LOVE. It destressed you and allowed you to put YOU first so you can do the things needed for your sanity, health. For your weight loss and more. Just what if?


And..... what would you do in a day, a week, a month....what could you achieve. 


I work with MANY women who are stressed, tired, overweight, unhappy... and many more descriptive words in there.  They want more time with family; more time for them; more time to prepare healthier meals; more time to lose weight; more time to just. sit. down.


And the beauty of it is they achieve exactly this....by modifying their daily schedules, re-jigging some things and making it less about the damn screen and more about the here and now.


Want to know more about this? Fill out the above form and let's talk. It is far easier than you think. Will take time and effort - but ... you will feel so much better for it in the long term. And....isn't that what life is all about? Enjoying?

Want to know more? I can send you the form for tracking your hours or you can schedule a call with me. These times are tough my friend, don't do it alone!

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