The power of Gratitude

Why be grateful?

For your cognitive health amongst other things, that is why.


You see...the simple action of gratitude actually benefits our brain health amongst other things.  And think about it - when you are grateful, you tend to have a smile on your face, feel can you not benefit from these?  However, my friend it's not ONLY thinking you are grateful that does it...there's an added ingredient to this recipe. See how you can cook up this healthy outcome:


  • Think of something you are grateful for (ie, I was SO grateful to get my license back after 14 months yesterday (for health reasons)!
  • Then think of yourself IN the situation (ie, getting IN the car for the first time - and our new car at that!).
  • FEEL how you felt in that moment (ie,  getting IN the car...feeling so excited.....loving the first early morning drive with the crisp air and sunshine).


Do you get the idea? The difference in making gratitude a health benefit is actually imagining you back in the instance.  Those feelings; the hormones that are created as a's all great for your cognitive health.


Think about trying this: each morning when you wake up think of 3 things you are grateful for (can be the simplest things, but isn't that the idea of gratitude?).  How great to start your day this way! Puts a hop in your step....



Every night, lying in bed make the last thing you think of 3 things you are grateful for. are sending yourself to slumber in a POSITIVE manner and it has an amazing affect on the brain as a result.   As women 40+ we can really benefit from helping ourselves sleep better, right?



Let me know if you have any questions about this; I'm always happy to answer.