Updates: Where I’m Taking This Journey Now

So many places:


I’ve gotta say; I’m excited. For me, for my Clients and for those considering working with me. 


You see, I’ve literally – at fifty-something – come into my own as they say.  And the lessons I’ve learned along the way; the passion I have to share my successes, failures (although we know they aren’t really failures, right; they are pivots…) and community with you all – is what I thrive on doing.


So back to where this 50+ journey is taking me:


Many places.


I’ve “found” myself – in that I no longer care whether I have jiggles or if my body even comes close to resembling perfect. Instead with this age wisdom: I’ve decided that I love myself. Period.  That I show myself love by nourishing my body, mind and soul. That working out is an honour and something I am so very grateful for and to be able to do. That mindset is of key importance and the brain especially as I age. And I want to show the 40+ woman how to feel the same and how to apply her own lessons into her life. How her body gives her the ability to do so much. That she can (and I’m sure is) be strong, confident with a dab of sassiness on top.  I want to tell every woman out there – and especially the one’s who don’t believe this: that they are worth so much.


So this journey is a wild but incredible ride. It’s been a lesson in finding myself. In at long last realizing that I “can” have a schedule that works for my lifestyle and for others I serve. That it is so important to stop and smell those roses and this Pandemic of 2020? Has surely shown us (and I’ve taken this to heart) that it’s so important to switch off and be around friends who make you laugh.


  • Work can wait.
  • Dinner can wait.
  • Cleaning the house can wait.

  • It can all wait – if it means you giving yourself a boost of happiness, energy, love and calm.

I’ve “listened” to the lessons from the previous years.

I’ve learned from them and learned to stop long enough to even “hear” what the lessons are.


And I’m ready. I’m ready to help as many women as possible SHINE. I’m ready to laugh, love and be.  I’m ready to practice what I preach and to spread kindness, inspiration and sparkles around in bucketloads.


This journey has been incredible so far. And where I’m currently at is a place of liberation – from my thoughts of not being enough some years; from any judgements from the world and from trying to be something I’m not. Trying instead to not only be me….but be the best me possible.


Some say life goes downhill once you hit 50. I say it’s a shame they feel that way, since with all of these lessons behind me? I feel like it’s just getting started.