Keep it Simple – and SHINE (or…”stress better”).

“Breath” something so simple right? Wrong; many of us either are “shallow” breathers, taking in and out through the mouth – and thus our bodies can be without us even knowing – in a a constant state of stress.
This can mean we don’t sleep well; can be agitated, losing energy and motivation to do things. With the lack of motivation comes the lack of movement – and then we start to eat a bit more out of stress, we feel the pounds pile on. All of a sudden our clothes are tighter and we now don’t feel as “sparkly” as we used to.  So we eat a bit more. But….now without the “right” nutrients our sleep is deprived; along with:

…going through our head.

You see where I’m going with something as “minor” as breath right? And I get it; many of you reading this will be nodding your head, while thinking inside “I know this…..”. Right?
But here’s the kicker – “I” myself know ALL of this and more about it yet I don’t have it perfect yet.  We all have our moments – but…if we have the tools in the toolbox to do what is needed – you can see that a little bit of “correct” breathing – something so small can have mammoth implications on our overall health; 

So……today’s tip and tool is all about breathing.

1) Breathe IN and OUT through your nose.
– especially when stressed (which, side-note: a poll was recently done and found hands-down for the majority of people #2020 was THE MOST stressful year on record.
– double up on that and with “that” election happening tomorrow? Now THAT is THE MOST stressful day on record – and I’m talking people saying the year and day of their entire life.

2) Control what YOU can.
– so when these times of strife happen we may not be able to control what is going on “out there” – but it becomes inner work. What can “I” control. 
– We can ALL control our breathing. 

3) Rest and Digest: did you know?
– When we shallow breathe, our body thinks we are under threat (literally!) and we are automatically put into the FIGHT OR FLIGHT mode…..big or small….our body can’t decipher; it is just UNDER THREAT.
– So what does it do? We have a multitude of hormones released one of them being CORTISOL. Cortisol is needed in small amounts but when we are constantly stressed, overwhelmed, worried, “BUSY”… doesn’t get released or burned through for lack of a better term – and where does it sit for women?


Not safe and not where we want it to sit.

(I have a whole virtual workshop that goes through this in detail so stay tuned for details on that).
– So! Back to the rest and digest point; when we do something as suttle, small, simple (and any other s word!) as BREATHE in and out through our NOSE….
– Our body is put into the rest and digest state – and bingo! That is where we need to be! Think of this state as the “behind the scenes mindlessness” stuff. It’s the actions our body is doing without us thinking: blood pumping; cells getting the oxygen/ nutrients they need; synapses doing their thing, digestion and more.

THIS! My friends is where we need to be.  We need to prove to our body that the stress is over and literally “complete the cycle”. Literally telling our body by our actions that we are OK.

Want to know more about this? There is SO much to offer it can’t all go here unless I want you to fall asleep!  Email me HERE and find out more about all of my “Stress Better to Thrive” Program.

Let’s keep it simple and doable. And I’m offering 3 – to capture different ways benefit or resonate with people.

When feeling like the anxiety, overwhelm or stress is rearing it’s head, try:

  1. STOP.  Sit tall and take 10 DEEP BREATHS – in and out through the nose.  need more than 10? go baby go!
  2. MOVE. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again; MOVEMENT/ activity is the NUMERO UNO – yup! Number ONE way to de-stress. It’s the NUMBER ONE way your body knows the cycle has been closed. Stopped. Ended. DONE. How do you like to move? What do you like to do? What works for you? Don’t have an hour but have ten minutes? As Nike States – just do it. (Want help with this? I’d LOVE to help you – online, you can do in your pj’s and slippers – but I can help you! Email me HERE and let’s chat.
  3. WRITE: so you’re a writer I hear? Have you ever read the book “The Disorganized Mind?” Brilliant book (and actually my then 17 year old Son put me onto it…best book I read!)…get it down on paper. How you feel, why you feel, anything and everything in between. There is something so very powerful about getting it outta your head and onto paper.
  4. CONNECT. This, my friends is huge!! I’m not talking emailing, texting or commenting on Instagram. NOooooooo!! (lots of “o’s” there for emphasis. I am talkin’ good, old fashioned, pick up the damn phone and TALK to someone. Even BETTER? Combine -movement with this and go for a walk with a friend!

Lastly this: often when we are our most tired, stressed, overwhelmed or whatever adjective you want to insert here….. the LAST things we want to and feel like doing (ie, moving, eating well, deep breathing, connecting) are actually the FIRST things we SHOULD be doing (ya know me, about the only time I’ll put a “should” in there……).

So it’s a kind of mindfulness. What is your body during tough times saying you don’t feel like doing? 

I have an exercise I have my Clients go through for this kind of thing. It’s easy, simple, fun and even brings out their creative side. It’s called “100 things”……wanna try it? Shoot me an email and I will happily send to you!

Remember; we OFTEN make it more challenging than it needs to be. Hence my term:

“Keep It Simple and SHINE”. You’ve got this.