Personal Training


Includes a “pre” sessions call to determine your needs and goals.


12-week Programs just for you…. (I also have 6-month and a year; as well as 2x or 3x a week that I offer; just depends upon how many current clients I am working with, so reach out and let’s find out the options for you).

  • Curated to your needs
  • Over zoom, messenger, facetime, google
From equipment to methods, I have so much in my sparkly tool box I can help you with.
  • Whether focussing on areas (ie, I want to be stronger for….)
  • Equipment: (ie, kettlebells, bosus, dumbbells, bands – my list is endless!)
  • Goals: ie, you want to lose weight or be more flexible; fit into “that” dress or be ready for a trip
  • Menopause-related; things you can do to help prepare you for before and after menopause

……or any other reasons, I can help.  Being a Yogi we can also do yoga and/ or a hybrid.

The sky is really the limit.  Once you buy your sessions, I will be in touch and we can plan when works for both our schedules. I can’t wait!