Kids at home?



Just you wait.



Something's coming that I'm SO excited about I could burst.  I now offer "Generation Pound" classes. Basically Pound for kids.



If you want to do your kids a favour and learn to love movement and the thrill of energy, community, working out in an environment that is non-judgemental and so confidence-building - this is it.



If you have kids you WILL want to watch the video'll want to get them involved.  How? Fill out the form below and register for an upcoming Program. My Programs are for girls and boys; 9-15, depending on the program.  Let me know you're interested and I'll be SURE to keep you in the loop.



For their health.

For their happiness.


For their mental health.


For their fun.


For life.




Fill out this form and I'll keep you informed - your Child will *thank* you for this!




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