Generation Pound


  • 6 week programs
  • All with a “life” changing theme
  • Activities (that are engaging, conversation-starting and confidence building; not to mention the new friends they’ll connect with!).
  • Sign up and your child starts right away; I’ll be in touch with the details.


 Have your child(ren) have the time of their lives virtually (during Covid) while they learn about feeling strong, confident, resilient and more.


Generation POUND is a youth-oriented program that fuses movement and music to improve physical fitness, athletic skill, focus, communication, coordination, self-esteem and SO. MUCH. MORE!

Each 6-week (via Zoom or Facebook Meetings) session comprises of:
  • 45-minute classes weekly
  • 30-minutes of these being active
  • 15 (or so 🙂 doing fun, interactive, connecting activities all with a Theme (ie, confidence, bravery, mindset etc)
  • WANT “per class” / can’t commit to the 6-week? NO PROBLEM – message me at and let’s set up!
What they get?
  • New friends
  • Building their own Community
  • Any activities emailed to you so they have them at hand.
  • Learning about the “Rockstar Pledge” 
  • Learning about the “Ripstick” agreement (both this and the pledge can be applied to life).
  • So much fun
  • To be “their own Rockstar” once a week 
  • To learn the love of movement, music and more

What do YOU get?

  • Time! An hour to do whatever you like!
  • The knowledge you will have a very excited child after who wants to share their experience
  • The peace of mind knowing YOU are helping your child live a healthier, happier lifestyle.