Looking for strength work? There’s nothing like feeling your power – feeling EMpowered – and feeling inspired all at the same time.

We as women in general NEED to be strength training but add aging into the mix? That menopause stuff? DOUBLY needed. 

For the health of your body AND your mind.  And you’ve heard it before that when we build muscle we continue to burn calories for UP TO 48 hours after. What’s not to love there my sparkly friend?

Not only that….it’s been deemed as the most important thing we aging gals should (yup…I’ll say should there!) be doing to stay strong: body… bones….mind….organs…muscles….happiness…..

And too many other reasons to list. 

Have I talked you into needing to find a way to do it yet?

Coz I’m yer gal. I’ll work with you – at a level that works for you. Both so you can learn and adapt to your strength but enough that you are challenging yourself to make these differences.

Forget the number on the scale; we’ve become WAY to obsessed with that.  When we BUILD muscle, tone up….we may be heavier due to the DENSITY of the muscles however…..you SIZE and measurements will be going…..

DOWN.  Read that again. Down. 

I don’t weigh myself. I know how amazing I FEEL when I feel strong, clothes fit me beautifully and feel totally badass! 

No scale needed for that my friend.

Fill out the box below and let’s talk: 10 sessions, 3 months, 6 months…you name it, you can have it!

Don’t waste another sparkle…do this for you today. xo

Fill this out and I’ll be in touch lickety-split! 


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