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"Incentive begins change, Identity sustains it".

Have you lost your mojo? 

Are you hiding your true self?

Is your Sparkle on dimmer?

If year after year, you are waiting for January 1st and a new set of resolutions, then what if just one conversation could inspire you to believe; to try and to BE the sparkly version of the person you've been wanting to be?


You already are "that" person.... you don't actually need to become anyone. It's all about growth, aspiring to be and figuring out the how.


I speak to so many who are looking to change something about their lives or themselves and at the end of the day; be it life, health, work.....it all starts with us.  With our thoughts; which determine the way we behave; the actions we continue to do and so we continue on and on, round and round in the same loop of life.


I can help the person who doesn't think they are enough - to learn to love and believe in themselves.  I can show the person who doesn't know how the heck (or where) to begin to live a healthy lifestyle - to conquer all their goals; and I can inspire YOU to take that first step in the direction of what it is you are looking to achieve.


But...you have to want this and understanding you are investing your time and money in something that is beneficial to your health, your happiness, your life.  No more putting of until tomorrow, until you have lost weight to start something or until any other reason that has stopped you from doing this.

My 12-step program takes is split into three pillars:


Determining your why (and there's more than one we look at - just so you know.

Hammering out your goals; but there is so much more to this than writing them down on a piece of paper. I help you connect with the, and become the person who wants these.


Identify potential obstacles; what potential hiccups could occur.

Find solutions for these so you have the answers before you get there.  There is such power in knowing you've got things figured out from every angle - so you know what to put into place "in case".  This my friends is where success transpires.

Action and Implementation


We determine your environment and supports. You won't do "this" alone - and at the same time it's important to know what is in your every day that could be a pitfall...so you can circumvent.


From here we create your action plan. From a 2-minute start on habits (yup) to focussing on the road ahead we work together get to your destination. And you will!.


Let me tell you more about this Program and see if it is a fit for you and your wishes.  

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