Coaching Programs: Health, Lifestyle or hybrid.

*Wellness* Looks different to everyone and can encompass many things.  My version is not necessarily going to be yours.   

Is being well to you about weight, nutrition, activity, quality of life?  Is it how you look and feel in your clothes? How Badass (had to say that word) or confident you feel?  Is it your mental health? Mindset? Stress levels? Sleep?

As you can see; so many things can be part of this for each of us. From how we feel about ourselves; to our eating strategies (notice I don't say "diet); to how we move (and find what we LOVE to do) and what we tell ourselves.  

You deserve to feel and live your best life. To truly THRIVE. I work with women ready to do so; who recognize the importance of and have a wish to INVEST in themselves and at the same time understanding and acknowledging the education, experience (in life and as a coach) and ability to help *you* transform you to where you want to be (with your DESIRE, ACCOUNTABILITY and motivation for it), that I bring to the table.

 My Programs are designed with a "base" we begin with - but: you will have different reasons to the next Client so I curate it to make sure - we are helping YOU."~ Coach Carolyn xo

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Option #1

No pressure from me

The best way to achieve is to *want* to do something - and to want it enough you feel ready -  you certainly don't need anyone "selling" you. 

  • So let's talk.

    Just one Conversation. But will be so effective for you.

  • Explore.

    How do we know what we need, to do without exploring? This call will be all about YOU my friend.  Time to get excited!

  • Get the ideas percolating.

    Once we've chatted you can be on your way or opt for more (*totally* your choice my Friend).  But either way our Session will definitely have you thinking, excited - and percolating - it'll set you on your way!

Program #2

``Live. Sweat. Sparkle!``. Personal Transformational 12-week Program
  • Looking for more? I commend you for not only investing in you - but *prioritizing* you.

    My 12-week Program is just for you. You can have a "fitness" focus only - or have a Program created *just for you my friend* that focusses on health, life or both - either way the brain will be working on ideas.  Each Pillar comes with actions, discussions - and ways you can get closer to the *Transformation* that YOU are looking for. I'm excited for you already!

    **Payment Options available** This can be 12, 1 hour calls/ zooms, or twice a week - or any other combination that works for you and your schedule - and pocket book**

  • Welcome Package!
  • As part of the program now, you receive my beautiful, *brand-spankin'-new* "Client Onboarding Workbook! It's "slightly" pink but it's chock-full of information, actionable pages, calendars and more.  It'll get you pondering for sure with questions to lead you to that transformed *you*. 
  • Simple. That's it.

    Pillar 1: "Live" - Question phase; we delve into such questions as "why" - why do you want to do this? to change something? It might (will) take longer than a fad - but let me tell you; it'll stick which is what you want.

    Pillar 2: "Sweat" - The "Thinking"/ Evaluating, Creating Stage: Whether it's your brain, body or both - this is where you work it!  We look at potential obstacles, challenges and triggers even, along with more as you work towards the future you (I'm not giving much away here; there is *so* much content - so make sure you connect to benefit from it). This Section is where you really dig deep to find out what is needed to be where you want to be.  You *will* be held accountable - so although I'm known as sparkly and supportive - part of my support and the reason you will be investing in you is to have me do what I need to do to help you - keep you on track and doing what you need to do.

    Pillar 3: "Sparkle!" - It's the Action and Implementation Stage (for some reason I want to finish that sentence with a resounding "baby!"). Who is your social and community support? What will your action plan look like? What will keep you to it (or who).  Here's where you create your goals (and not just about being "smart" with them - there's more) and this my Friend is where you TRULY get to: 

    Stand in your Power.

    (Oh... and then we celebrate....).

  • C'mon.....Aren't you worth it?

    I think so. xo

Program #3

  • Up the sparkle my Friends!  So much more with this Program:

    If you feel you want just that bit more than this - and to save money (*who* doesn't love that?!) - then read on about this Program with added "oomph" as they say 🙂 **This can be hourly, weeky or  any other combination that works for you and your schedule. 

  • Longer.

    With more added in from more communication with me and daily email access with those questions that arise instead of once a week with the basic 12-week Program.

  • Video Tutorials

    You'll receive videos (some people like to learn this way) on the topics we go over; exercise videos if you are including this and you can keep your access to them so look back whenever you need them.

  • More (and a gift; WHO doesn't like gifts?!)....

    From more assessments (*who* doesn't enjoy them?!) front and back-end to see how you compare; to an extra Pre- and Post-call (before and after the VIP Program) to see how you fared.  You also save on my 4-week "THRIVE'n'SASS" Program - if you've taken the VIP.

Program #4

Shine Strong - for those who just want a Plan.

  • Personal Transformation Plans

    At the end of the day you are looking for a *transformation* to happen - and yours is going to be totally different to your bestie; neighbour; other participants.  So this is about you and while we use my Program as the base - we tweak it to fit your needs.

  • Individual Training Programs

    If what you are looking for are ways to workout; how-to's and how to know what-thaaaa-HECK-to-do as you fight through  the myths, shoulds'n'shouldn'ts - the reach out. Oh my; this is WHAT I do for women! xo

  • Nutritional Guidance

    Some people JUST want to learn, un-learn, re-learn or know how to eat.  I have *lived* not knowing - and have learned personally HOW to eat for *you*.  It's incredible once you get there and again with the right support, cheerleading and guidance you can get there too! I have sparkly Consults just for you if this applies and you learn about an incredible *free* app that will make all the difference to your world. 

  • Online Consultations

    Check out my Programs/Services Page - if all you want is to book consults without joining a Program - I'd love to talk with you. I absolutely offer this; and sparkle sessions can focus on whatever you would benefit from.

Testimonials for Sparkly Coach Carolyn

I knew it was time. It was well *past* time., but I am an accomplished procrastinator.  In a chance meeting at a networking event, I was fortunate enough to meet a *kind* and *inspiring* woman with a magnetic personality.  More than anything, she made me laugh and I knew that working out with her would actually be FUN.

Carolyn genuinely cares about her Clients and her passion for empowering women to live life to the fullest, makes that last set of push-ups worthwhile.  I highly recommend her as a Trainer (as well as a Coach and Speaker) for anyone looking to get back into shape/ create a healthy lifestyle – and have a GREAT time while doing it!

J.L., Wealth Management, Ontario



Jill E, London Ontario

Carolyn’s passion for aiding women as they make the journey to self-love is unparalleled! She uses her own experiences, training and intuition to take Clients from 0 to 60 mph in less than 60.  Definitely recommend one of her body confidence/ self-love sessions or working with her as your Coach!

Sara S., London, Ontario

I work Internationally with her and I’ve been doing pound classes with Carolyn since the COVID lock down regularly and not missed one session.  Coach Carolyn is amazing. She oozes with energy and enthusiasm .  You can’t help it but feel it, since it’s contagious.  I absolutely love it and love Coach Carolyn.

Thank you so much Carolyn. You rock!  Keep going girl. You really sparkle!!!

T. Shum, UK