Fabulously Yours…






Do you find sometimes it’s just tough to get ahead?  Or perhaps you find the life-work balance thing isn’t behaving?   Do you find it’s tough to figure out how to live a healthy lifestyle – and offer this to your family since the days are too short?  We’ve got you covered, Sister!  I’ve learnt so much over the years about everything in life from character, resilience…to what works and what doesn’t when working with people.  I’ve also learnt that having others out there I’m accountable to, helps me stick to a plan and be the best version of me I can be.

I’m organizing this Group to help women find the ways that work for them – be it in life, work, health.  Whatever you need a nudge for, this is for you.  Details below:

This workshop is to help you shine. Get to know some new incredible women all with a passion for life and all who have similar goals’n’dreams to you.

This is being offered in two time-slots: Morning or afternoon for 2 hours.

Pay just $35 and let’s help you create that wonderful, happy, healthy lifestyle that you so deserve!


Pay it forward: what’s this? If you know of a woman who SHOULD be there….but for whatever reason could not make this financially work, please let me know (this will be very discreetly done!) and you can pay just $25 for her to join us).

What you get:

  • Coffee, tea, yummies.
  • In person workshop surrounded with the energy of up to 11 other incredible women
    discussion (if there’s ONE thing I’ve learnt, it’s we learn when we share); understand you are NOT alone
  • Worksheets (some to get you thinking about your goals, dreams, wishes)
  • Educational articles to help achieve your sparkliest SHINE
  • Journal (the other thing I have learnt, is we benefit so much when we write! Beware: I’ve learnt a LOT!)
  • Private Portal – Facebook group just for you!
  • Goal-setting with the topic in mind, accountability from your group
  • Tips on how to make it all work.
  • Final, 30 minute phone call (you know me….I’m sure we’ll go over that!) to see how you feel at the end of the mastermind.

Fill out the contact form below and sign up today! I can’t wait to share this workshop with you and the other incredible women joining us!