For a 4-week program to help you in any of the areas below, sign up. Under 25? You receive a significant savings.

This program is either done via email or over FaceTime/Skype.  With an initial call to gauge what we can plan, you’ll be on your way!


I’ve helped young adults with:

  • Health and wellness (in any capacity)
  • Personal Training
  • Lifestyle (balancing life, work, friends, health, YOU)
  • Business: are you in the world of health and wellness and trying to create your own business? Let me know!
  • Resilience, facing fears, networking
  • You name the goal, we’ll work together!

Motivational Speaking.  Workshops.  Seminars.  Mentorship.  Coaching.  Online Courses.

I offer all of the above to young adults; be it as small groups who wish to have a helping hand along the road of life or in a larger capacity to Clubs, Schools, University Groups, Events, Organizations.

I believe we win when we support each other. And those of us today who’ve been through their part of the journey – still learning as we go – have much we can share with young adults starting out on theirs.

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