It’s been quite a thrilling time for me.  All so exciting….and full of meeting new people; connecting with those I know and trying to transition ever so slightly in a new direction.

I’m loving what I do, where I’m headed and all that is going on.  I’ll meet with people and we’ll have wonderful, energetic conversations, they’ll be so complimentary of what is going on, I leave these meetings on a high. And still….in those quiet moments after I still wonder “do I have this?”. “Do I have what it takes?”. “Will people listen?” “Will I fail?”. “What happens if I do?”.

Does this happen to you?

WHY, we wonder?

Who knows.   But..i do know this: for me – this is ‘how I’m built”…and is probably what keeps me pushing forward. It seems every time I have that voice of question in my mind, someone appears or an opportunity arises that has me doing even more….showing I have more……pushing me to try harder and has me feeling great accomplishment. And with every push comes so much more!

I don’t think it’s a bad thing to question yourself here and there – as long as the questioning and fears don’t stop you. If they drive you forward to be better, stronger, successful at what you do…then they are worth something.  We need to embrace feeling a bit of discomfort, the fact we aren’t perfect (what is that anyway??!!) and that little bit of fear that comes with stepping out of our comfort zone. We need to feel this, do this – and have our kids understand the importance of this too.  Don’t wait to be perfect to try something. We women are famous for that!  Go for it regardless. Might fail? So what?!   Might not quite meet your expectations? Who cares??!! With each try comes renewed understanding, lesson learning, confidence, resilience and the awesome feeling of accomplishment.

So….if you find yourself questioning things; your abilities or what you are aiming for… remember this: it’s pretty normal – just don’t let the questions get the better of you. However loud they are or frequent – make sure you take them, embrace them and run forward with them!  Don’t let them stop you…have them propel you!  Stop worrying about what others think so much and understand the only person who truly needs to believe in you?


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Til next time!

Women of Worth3

Women of Worth3