Our next Women Who Bring It “Raw and Real” Evening is currently being organized – so check back soon for details!

Check back soon for details (or email us HERE) since we are so excited about these intimate events.

These evenings, discussions, programs are all about helping women.  Sometimes at our most challenging moments, we feel we are alone in our path….yet if we shared our insecurities or even heard a message about something, we would understand not only are we not alone, but we can conquer what it is we are going through. So we hear from enigmatic speakers; women from the Community. We learn, listen and share. I’m a big believer in conversation – sometimes just voicing a fear changes the whole outlook.

Even more important? I want our young women of tomorrow to learn tools for life earlier. These events are for ALL ages, so we can understand what we go through at different times of life….young learning from “not so young” and vice versa. We all have something to learn, teach, share…..

We need more of this so I’m on a mission to help each other “shine”, thrive….and understand we are in this together.  To support each other and understand the power of women; we can move mountains together! What do we talk about? Much:

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Celebrating our Flawsome!

You are not a number….

Being Confident in life and work

Knowing your Worth; Believing you Shine!

Making You a priority: how to other women “do” it?

LOVE yourself: Mind, Body, Soul!

Walking the Walk (are you really doing all it takes?)

No Dieting, No Depriving, STOP the Fads!

Our Brain: what we need to do to keep it healthy.

I could go on…the list is endless; you’ll just have to come out, enjoy some amazing women and find out how easy it is to SHINE.

Contact me here to get more info! And join our Body Beautiful (which…will be our minds too!) Movement!