Being in the “F” years there is much I’ve learned along the way of life.  And from this, so much I truly wish I’d not only known when I was a young woman (coz if I’m honest, I “knew” much of it but there was an ingredient missing):

I didn’t “believe” what I knew or was being told and, moreover,

I didn’t put the steps in place to really ingrain the beliefs within.

Going one step further: I didn’t have anyone to push me into those steps that would help.  Someone to keep me accountable with my thoughts and actions.

Nothing will change by just “knowing”. Change occurs by “doing” and putting actions into place every day, consistently – to have them become not only natural parts of our daily practices that we no longer think about but also putting one foot in front of the other – forcing ourselves to actually “BEGIN” – is the biggest (and often most challenging) part of the equation.

So…let’s talk about you shall we? The fact that:

You are NOT a number.

Of any kind whatsoever my friend. Read on….

Sometimes we can get so caught up on the numbers we are – or aren’t.

  • when did we “become” our weight?
  • when did it become such a pressure to be a certain weight, size or shape?
  • Personally I do believe the advent of social media hasn’t helped. With so many questioning themeselves; to see utter “perfection” out there on a constant basis, in front of your face…can’t help anyone who doesn’t feel enough.

The number on the scale indicates just that. A number. A place you are at. A place you begin or a place you end. It is not you.  There is so much more to YOU – than what you see on that little white box.

Does it tell you how compassionate you are? How much you try? Your wishes, dreams and aspirations? Does it tell you how much others think of you; how hard you work? How hard you love?

I didn’t think so. Because it’s just a number.

You aren’t a mark on your exams, either.  Students put such pressure on themselves to get the A++. Don’t get me wrong, there is NOTHING wrong with striving; going for gold…’s a totally different thing when it’s all-consuming and if you don’t achieve it, you come out a failure in your eyes.

Can you tell me this? At the end of your life, sitting on a rocking chair dreaming about the good ole’ days; the memories you’ve created.

Do you ever think one of those memories will be the mark you got in psych?

And do you think when going for a job interview, that your potential Employer looks at all of your marks? That you lose a job on “that one” that got away?

You get the point.

Your marks are goals. You are trying to do your best, achieve your best. But you are in no way a failure if you miss the mark but tried.  When meeting people they don’t ask you what marks you got in school or uni. They ask about YOU. What YOU do, what you enjoy, etc.

And let’s talk money. You are not the number in your bank account.  I’ve known many people loaded to the gills who I can tell you know are not worth the ink on the notes. Who feel life is about image; how they are seen; what they own.

No one enjoys being aroudn that.

Alternativey I know and am so proud to know – so many with or without money in the bank who “get it”. Who understand it’s what you do with your life; what you give that helps others. That when you are so totally content and happy within yourself – you don’t have to flaunt what you have materialistically.

So if you don’t have much, in your mind; please don’t compare yourself and think yourself any less than those who do.  I’ve watched someone close live that way a lifetime – and they had no confidence because they thought they were less than those – only because others had money. It’s heartbreaking – knowing what this person has offered the world and knowing it’s far more than any dollar value. If only they believed this about themself.

You can let life pass you by, focussing on the weightscale, inches, marks or money. Or…. you can give life your all, be a good, authentic person. One who helps others; one who tries; one who is happy and doing all you wish to strive for – and numbers fall to the wayside.

The next time you jump on that scale – remember this:

Picture two men. One huge and obese. One big and full of muscle.

And they are both 300 pounds. Same weight; completely different health situation.

So you can’t rely on the number; just use it as a piece of information you know about yourself. To keep you “as is”; guide you toward goals and to be at peace.

You. Are. Not. A. Number.


Coach C 🙂