50 and LOVIN' it!

Growing old is mandatory, but growing UP is optional 🙂

I’m such a believer in you are what you think you are. You can think you are old and have nothing left to offer. You can think you are up there in years but have SO much to offer. And you’d be right. I’m there. I’m 50 (celebrated last summer) and if I’m truly honest I feel I literally “came into my own” at that age.
  • 26 I felt scared; I was past the age of 25 where you could understandbly still be considered young and innocent;
  • 30’s I was a Mom focussing on being a Mom and doing the best for our little gaffer (who’s 22 now!).
  • 40’s I was learning all about me and realizing what I REALLY and I mean REALLY wanted to do in life; to offer people…the confidence was building through experience and dare I say it “wisdom”.
  • 50 was where I felt it all come together.
I’m torn about it all though; since I wish I had this confidence, resilience, no-can-do and yes sometimes “wtf” attitude when I was in my 20’s when back then I was SO worried about my future, my body being too jiggly and my confidence being too low (I put on a good front much of the time but deep down, not so strong). Yet it’s been my experiences in life that have brought me to here and given me this wisdom, this feeling of such inner strength and get this: BODY LOVE. I don’t care if I’m not “perfect” one little bit. I don’t care if I scare the people in Timmies in the morning when I arrive with no make-up and my hair all over the place. The things that used to bother me; scare me; have me worried are no longer “things”.  What is important to me in my 50’s are things such as my health (numero uno; if we don’t have health, we have literally nothing: hence why I’m so passionate about helping others “get” this), my happiness and self love; my family whom I adore; my friends; my Community.  I want to help others but have learnt – that I can’t do it at the risk of my health or family life. I’ve spoken to so many people over the years who have talked themselves into the fact that hitting a certain age, they are now old, useless, and unable to do anything. How I want to correct them. You don’t become lacking, useless, unable to, with age. You become that if you believe it. Period. I feel the strongest I’ve ever felt. The most confident. The most real. The happiest. The sexiest. There is nothing about this age that to me suggests I should give up or take the hit for not having anything to offer the world. I have wisdom, lessons, inspiration, strength – to share with those in the generations after me. And I’m SO very happy to share these. It’s only through doing this that they will learn. If you are in your 20’s or 30’s and reading this first of all I want to do a happy dance! I’ll tell you now (in no way being a fear-monger; just realistic). The time from your 20’s to being 50 goes in the blink of an eye. You WILL be my age one day and one day soon when you end up looking back. You’ll have wrinkles like me, grey hair like me (oh my thank GOODNESS for hair colour!) and more. But it doesn’t have to be the end of things. Don’t look at the future – at women in their 50’s and up as a time you are not looking forward to. Instead, be excited. Embrace the fact it’ll come.  And……most importantly do ALL you can now to put healthy strategies in place so you CAN enjoy the 50’s and beyond.
I’m looking forward to offering an evening that will help connect women of all ages. I’ve done it before and it was incredible..so stay tuned.
I remember about 10 years ago holding a door for what “appeared” to be a very elderly lady. She was bent over and couldn’t open it herself. When I did so, she turned to me with a smile to thank me and her words were (I’ll never forget them): “Thank you SO much my dear. I’m so old…..I’m 68 you know”. She’d talked herself into being way older than her years.  My Mom at the time was this woman’s age and still teaching a bazillion fitness classes a week. But of course I wouldn’t have said it to her. But to me it was such a comparison. One woman had talked herself into it being over while the other was still going strong. If you are young: the world is your oyster. Believe YOU have so much wisdom to share with the world. Reach out to older women you admire to help you along the way; I can’t tell you how much we LOVE doing this! (Reach out to me HERE). If you are closer in age to me; older or younger PLEASE please, please know you have so much to offer the world but only YOU can determine if you can or can’t still do what you could. Can’t do it now? That’s okay; you can work on becoming fitter, stronger still; time is not lost. Only you can talk yourself into – or out of – it. Want to have some help? A kick-start to fabulousness? You too can reach out to me HERE) I’d love to hear from you. Keep your shine going. Hope this sings to you! Hugs’n’sparkles, xo