Why work with me?

Why work with me?

The Content I offer in my Programs are components of life I’ve LIVED, LEARNED and PUMMELLED as I’ve aged. Through my 30 years in the fitness industry, including countless years coaching. Through my education, business experience and through the successes I’ve accomplished from pure grit and FINALLY believeing in myself, I have been where many are struggling and want to help. And as a result of the many Confidence Conferences I’ve organized (and continue to) for women and girls, I want to truly create impact.

What is the value you derive from this?

  • Community, Sistahh-hood.  We all know how we benefit from being around a community of like-minded souls. This is a group program for a reason. I am here to guide you through your journey and hearing from other women, gaining support from them and inspiring those in the group with you will help you succeed.
  • I will bet you’ve been feeling “something” for years now, no? Wanting to change some aspect of your life or health. But…something always gets in the way. Or you don’t feel it’s important enough to spend hard-earnt dollars on.  Or there just doesn’t seem to be the time; and……it’ll change “one day”.
    • How’s that going for you?
  • TOOLS FOR LIFE. Let’s stop with these new year resolutions; diets to fit into dresses, eating well for a few weeks and promising ourselves we will no longer feel guilty, lack body love, feel stressed – only to go back to old habits after a while.
  • This is to inspire you – education, inform and motivate you.
  • You will lean ACTUAL tools; habits and behaviour change techniques that will take you from wishing to doing, believing and living your new CONFIDENT lifestyle for good.
  • I put my heart and soul into motivating women, inspiring women and helping women in all aspects of their lives.  Just check out my testimonial page; only some of what previous Clients have said.  I’m not on the clock with you; although we have our times for our chats, emails, skypes and more….if you need me, I’m there for you and we’ll keep talking til you’re happy.
  • I am coming from a place of experience in many ways; so as well as the education over the years (30 years’ worth), I’ve got the added credibility of having had to do this for myself – so I know it works.
  • You will be happier in life and all that comes with that you WILL still be healthier; it’s been proven that a happier person is a healthier person.
  • You will be more confident; will face fears with determination and no worries anymore.
  • You’ll have more energy; be less-stressed, know your value and worth.
  • You’ll understand HOW to live a healthy lifestyle WITHOUT depriving, starving, working out like a fiend.
  • You’ll learn to love your body if that’s what you need; love yourself more in the process and change how you think and talk ABOUT and TO yourself.

And so much more.

You’ll learn to:


For Women of ALL ages:

Coach C xx