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Weekly Wellness Calls:

I like to make things as easy, doable and accessible as possible for women.  Some people don’t wish to sign up with a Coach for a full Program but do want support in a more informal capacity; they want a nudge, or ideas; inspiration and motivation. That’s what these calls are. They are driven by YOU; what you are looking for and as many or as few as you need.  I’ll even buy the coffee if you want to meet in town!

Contact me today and let’s make time for your discovery call and let me help you SHINE.

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Program Options:

Don’t forget to check out my CONQUER! Program too! Exciting 5-week, group Programs where we connect as a group and shine together!   Each one is a different theme and you can join one, or for a savings sign up for more.  For more info either fill out the form above or shoot me an email at the address in the paragraph below.

We know, Rome wasn’t built in a day. It won’t take a few weeks of work and you’ll have it all figured out….but at the same time I understand people’s lives, pocket books and needs all differ. Send me an email today (click HERE), and let’s talk about what works best:

For you.

Let’s take you from Glimmer to Sparkle….to SHINE