Well hello Friends!

I’m excited; beyond beyond beyond (if you can even be that) excited about all that is going on these days.  Do you ever wonder what your path is…..however by being patient it all comes to you?

I am here.  I think. Getting there…… 🙂 So close. I have realised lately that on top of my personal training (which I love and will always do), I have this absolute need, passion, whatever-you-wish-to-call-it MUST to help others shine; feel incredible about themselves.

I see too many amazing women struggle with day-to-day to-do’s and who leave themselves behind. I mean that in the sense that we tend to make sure everyone else is looked after before we turn to do what we need; Health, wellness, fitness, activity……etc….. By the end of the day who wants to do these things?

Yet. We must. So….my goal this year is to help women either one-on-one – or come together as groups to figure this all out. I want to offer something that will be both productive and effective.  Worth your time and money to attend.

With the wish; right tools; and support of others in the same position, you really can do “this” (whatever your “this” is!).  I recently sent out emails to those I know, asking specific questions about life and any challenges they may have with regard to doing things for them, for their health, wellbeing, happiness and confidence. Even though the emails all came back with different wording…the results were all the same….INCREDIBLE!! So…how can I NOT offer something.

Now…we all know how great accountability is.  That if you feel you have someone counting on you…you will do something. So – I am making myself accountable to you that within the next few weeks, I have some information for you regarding my plans….

Have something in particular you wish to see at one of these events? Let me know! Let’s make this useful to you all.

And – let’s make this the year you absolutely BRING IT!

Can’t wait….stay tuned,


Adding a Little Sparkle to your Life!image