Have you ever had a time where you’ve become a bit more thoughtful (about what you do…), somewhat insightful, and even questioned the validity of your offering or message? 
You aren’t alone. From my many discussions with women over the years, not only have I had those moments…but I’ve come to realize many of us do. So…I decided to compile my list of what I thought it means to bring it – to your life. 
How to Bring It?
  • Face your fears; don’t give into those butterflies! They mean it’s important to you!

    You can crumble…or you can continue on.  Continuing on gains you that amazing feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day – or perhaps you have learnt a lesson or two about what you could do next time to make it even more impactful.  At the end of the day know you can feel proud that you tried something that had you out of your comfort zone – and you know what? You’ll be admired for doing this – whether it’s perfect in your eyes or not!

  • Embrace your imperfections; they are wonderful and make you who you are.

    Kick this perfection thing to the curb. What is “perfect”. Who knows?  It’s one thing to aim high, have goals and always strive for more. But….let’s be honest, none of us are perfect; we are all amazingly unique and should celebrate ourselves in spite of our imperfections!  When listening to people speak; don’t you relate far more with those who are honest, humble and open about the fact they are imperfect? I know I certainly do. So…stop being hard on yourself and work with what you have – as I saw the other day in a post (and loved this!)…we are “imperfectly perfect”! 

  • Never compare yourself to others…..in a way that makes you feel less of a person. Look “up” to people…don’t compare.

    Absolutely – look up to those who have succeeded, done great things in this world and are positive, happy souls. However, never compare yourself with someone in such a way that you feel less of a person for it.  Compare the positives; or look to their accomplishments and strive for yours too. But always think of yourself in a positive, bold way. 

  • Be kind. Be empathetic. We need so much more of this in the world.

    I don’t think I need to say any more here. Kindness and communication can take us so far.  With all that is going on in the world….with all that is going with children and bullying still, we’ve still a long way to go.  Kindness, empathy – never a bad place to start!

  • Be humble; know there’s always a bigger fish in the sea….so do what you can with what you have.

    This seems to all tie in together from one point to the next.  It’s great to look up to successful people…..but when you “get” there…remember the struggles you had along the way and always…always….extend a helping hand out to others.  Have (or be) a mentor, share knowledge and successes (or what didn’t work) with others and do all you can with what you have. Have you ever met those people who are gloriously successful, yet so very humble? Have much respect for them…

  • Speak up; find your voice….be bold enough and brave enough to know you have value.

    Years ago I remember being at a party where two women were talking about something absolutely silly.  I was standing there with a smile plastered on my face, nodding in agreement with them yet inside disagreed vehemently. This was the beginning of the journey for me where I decided the time had come to find my bold. Speak up to people kindly with my opinions – after all, they do!  It can be tough. But you know what? That first time I decided to disagree with someone about something……..the world didn’t stand still! No one screamed back! I learnt a big lesson that day. Find and use  your voice….you’ll be respected for it.

  • Know your worth. We tend to put ourselves down…..be confident in who you are.

    A friend of mine asked me to come and speak to her Organization one day and asked what I’d charge. I told her I’d be good with just the train ticket to her, food and lodging and oh, $100. Yes. I honestly said that and meant it. She gave me one of the most valuable tellings off I’ve ever had about understanding my worth. She was shocked I would have even considered that.  In her eyes I was worth so much more due to what I’d done for children, women; with my desire to help others.  I won’t tell you the number she gave me but it was so significant it made me truly look at myself more – and with her/ others’ eyes. She gave me the lesson that you can undervalue yourself so much that by not charging enough can mean some Organizations won’t even give you the time of day. Be so sure of what you have, are and are worth that it shows.

  • Smile more; you never know who you are inspiring…or who’s day you just changed by doing so.

    I have a dear friend who smiles. A lot. She is always happy (in a very sincere way) and lights up a room. At parties it’s amazing to see that everyone literally wants to be around her. She is like a sparkly whirlwind; you are changed for the better when you’ve been around her. I decided last year I didn’t smile enough so felt I was going to do what she does. Life changing.  You smile with your eyes. You can see someone’s day has been changed; perhaps walking through a door they were going to scowl…saw your smile and they now have moved on all the happier for it.  It does something internally to you when you know you are doing just this one small thing for others.  And it’s the ripple effect…they will move on and do the same to the next person (we hope!) they come across.  

  • Communicate with others more; be the change you wish to see!

    I tend to think “anything” can be overcome with communication. We tend to get ourselves all riled up over situations; deciding what someone else is thinking and making such a mountain out of a molehill when a little honest conversation would change it all and perhaps avoid a lot of heartache. Our children are looking at their phones way too much and this communication has been lost.  Those tiny conversations sitting on a front step chatting about the weather, the young parent talking about absolutely nothing to the baby in the stroller (butterflies, cars, who knows?!) yet that “nothing’ is full of so much.  Want to improve a situation? We can’t just let it miraculously happen; have to be the change we wish to see and the need for plain old-fashioned talking is needed now more than ever.

  • Laugh, laugh, and laugh some more!

    Full stop. 🙂