I’m all about being fit, healthy, eating well and being active.  We hear people regularly talk about what their New Year’s Resolutions are……ending this year on a high or low – and making goals for the following January.

Always great to have goals; big believer in these, but when it comes to our health and fitness, I think we need to also remind ourselves of a few things:


All in moderation; but enjoy just the same!  It’s party season and there seems an endless line up of food to be eaten.  You absolutely can enjoy the appies without going overboard.  Eat before you go to a cocktail party; ensure you’ve got protein in that meal to help fill you up and head out knowing you aren’t hungry so most likely won’t over-indulge. Now don’t……eat dinner and then eat all the appies in the world!  Use your calories wisely.


If your goals mean a lot to you and you want to stay on track for the season, plan plan plan.  We all know the “typical” foods offered at cocktail parties and dinners; lots of cheese, pastries and crackers etc.  So….before you go, write down somewhere (makes it more likely to happen) what you will eat: 3 crackers with hummus, 1 cheesy pastry, x-amount of cheese etc etc (these are examples).  By writing it down, it makes it more “real” and you’ll feel more obliged to keep to it.


If you are very serious about this, have a friend who you are accountable to.  Tell them your plans and then follow-up with them after to let them know (and honesty is key here!) how you did.

RE-VAMP your goals

I have one Client whose major struggle is cocktail parties, dinners and general entertaining.  She wonders how she’ll get through the Season.  My advice to her – and anyone else – is to revamp your Goals. Instead of having weight loss as a goal that is tough to keep during this Season; have weight-maintenance as the goal. This takes the pressure off you, keeps you to “something” and allows you to relax…to go out and enjoy instead of constantly thinking about numbers.  


Many of us think of the little black dresses and what we will wear.  Remember – wear something you feel GREAT in.  Stop trying to fit into something tight for the sake of it.  Then you come home wishing you were smaller. Wear something that suits your shape and has you feeling incredible. It certainly puts things in perspective I feel!  You come home knowing you had a great night….and takes the focus away from wishing you were a different size (if you are like I used to be!).


Have fun.  Enjoy your parties, your friends, family.  Appreciate the health you have and the fact that you can attend parties where many in the world can’t.  Let’s focus on feeling GREAT, being happy and appreciating all we have.  Eat well, be active, be happy.  It’s pretty simple!

…Adding a Little Sparkle to Your Life…..  spsrkle