Social Media…..

Can be used for such good; however has caused SO much angst in the world.  And for body image, self love, confidence, “perfection” – this is no different.

Here’s what I’ve noticed these past few years; and especially the last 3 since creating BRING IT.

  • When I speak with women; more often than not, the SAME threads of conversation arise; challenges, insecurities, lack of self love or confidence in…..
  • They feel completely imperfect and inadequate
  • And what blows me away time and again (I want to hug ’em all!) is they think they are the ONLY ONE who is imperfect, lacking, unsuccessful or whatever it is they are struggling with.

And this. My friends is why I do what I do (well; one of the many reasons).

So here’s the thing.  Why do so many feel this way?  Due to what they are seeing on social media.

I look at it this way: personally when I’m on social media I’m trying to either inspire or let my friends/network know what I’m up to (or both…). I know the last thing they would wish to see is that day I wake up on the wrong side of the bed (can you even imagine the bedhead??!!); or the day I’m a bit down, overwhelmed, stressed – well: you get the picture.  I post happy, inspirational, fun things. I keep the crap to myself (who wants to see it??!!).

So if you were to look at my page on Facebook you’d think I NEVER have a bad day, am ALWAYS smiling and laughing, I NEVER question my abilities and never EVURRRRR have a day where I lack confidence. You’d see sparkles up on sparkles. Now.  Don’t get me wrong. People know me and how I am. I’m open, honest and will be the first to express when I’m struggling with something since I truly believe when we do, we are actually helping someone else who perhaps DID think they were the only one.  But….my pages are pure positivity.  You don’t hear about the days I doubt myself, my talents; question whether I’m doing what I should and “who the heck” would want to work with me anyway????! Only my Son and Husband get the joy of experiencing those days.

But they happen!

Because, GET THIS: I’m normal. We could spend hours and hours looking at the successes and perfection of others online. We could (and many do!) then question what we are lacking in and how imperfect we are. We could then feel stresses, anxious and head into a tailspin of uselessness.

But let’s not.

Remember that EVERYONE out there has a day like you; multiple days like you.  Remember that other people are probably looking at you and admiring the fact you have “it all together”. Life is and never has been or will be – perfect. We have our ups and downs; our challenges and hills to climb…but friends these are what make us who we are! The fears we overcome; the people we inspire; the accomplishments we, well…accomplish!

Below are some tips on how to help yourself if you tend to suffer from this social media comparison funk….but first, take in the image; the words….. they are so true.



How to help yourself in the world of social media “perfectdom”

  • LIMIT your social media time. It’s been proven the more people look at Facebook etc, the more depressed they become. And PLEASE: do this for your kids. Let’s not leave social media as the babysitter; our kids are struggling…I came across someone the other day who’s boyfriend’s daughter has never learned to ride a bike. No judgement meant here, but WTF! Kids aren’t getting outside to play anymore. This lovely lady also taught this same girl at 9 – to tie a ribbon!  Oh my. I’ll stop there. But you get the drift?


  • When looking at ALL social media remember: they are JUST. LIKE. YOU. The other women have days they question themselves and their abilities. They have days they lack in confidence. They have days they feel like a fraud (hellooooo Imposter Syndrome!), and many days they don’t like something about their body. They may put happy happy happy on Facebook; but that’s them doing a GREAT job at spinning!  It doesn’t mean you are any less, my friend! They pee like you and so many other things….remember that!


  • Stop focussing so much on what others are doing. Take 30 minutes; scroll through. Then BACK to what YOU are trying to accomplish. Turn Social Media OFF, get to work and you’ll feel incredible!  When we focus on the brilliance of others all the time we are not spending any time on our own goals (thus feeling as though we lack) so of course we’ll feel bad.


  • Remember that thing called PHOTOSHOP??? The next time you see photos that all seem extremely perfect I have two questions for you: 1) Has it been photoshopped and (2) What the heck is perfect and who (k…three questions)……decided what it is???


We are all imperfectly perfect ladies. Don’t forget it.

Admire others, be inspired by others, inspire others, love others, compliment others, learn from others…..

And understand that social media doesn’t dictate you and your abilities; your worth. You totally do.

So kick the worries to the curb….and let’s get loving ourselves!

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